What Bugzilla Spends Money On

All monetary amounts listed on this page are in US Dollars (USD).

Amounts last updated 2023/09/21.

One Time Expenses

Zarro Boogs Corporation was just recently formed by a group of the core Bugzilla Developers in order to have a legal entity which could hold the license to the Bugzilla trademark and potentially pay one or more developers. We incured the following costs in setting up this entity:

Payoff Progress

Funded by one-time donations.

$1298 $3650

Contribute towards this goal at GitHub Sponsors (GitHub account required).

Contribute towards this goal via Stripe (credit, debit, Apple Pay, CashApp). Stripe will deduct 2.9% + 30¢ from your contribution as a transaction fee.

If you give via Stripe and want to cover the fee (completely optional), here's the formula: Take the amount you want us to get, add 30¢, then divide by 0.971. For example, if you want us to get $100, add 30¢ to make 100.30, then divide by 0.971 and round it to two places after the decimal, which gives you $103.30. To verify it, subtract 2.9% to get 100.3043, round to two digits after the decimal to get 100.30, then subtract 30¢ to get $100.

Ongoing Necessary Expenses

Funded by recurring donations.

$17 $55

Recurring donations which exceed the above goal will be credited towards the one-time expenses payoff fund each month until it is paid off, then will be contributed to the permanent developer fund below.

Sponsor Us with a monthly contribution towards this goal at GitHub Sponsors (GitHub account required).

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Ongoing "Nice to have" expenses

General project fund

Any money received beyond the goals listed above will go into a pool to be used towards hiring a developer to work on code or review submitted patches for one-off projects. Once enough money collects to be worth funding a project, we'll have someone work on it. Recurring donations that exceed the monthly necessities goal will be contributed to the one-time expenses pay-off fund first before being placed here, until those expenses are paid off.

Current accumulated unspent balance of one-time and recurring donations exceeding the above goals:


Permanent developer

Our pie-in-the-sky goal right now is to have a permanent part-time developer to work around 20 hours per per week on Bugzilla on whatever needs doing, and not just one-off projects. To do this, we anticipate needing about $4000 per month in recurring donations. Until this goal is met, the amount raised will be contributed to the general project fund each month. Once this goal is hit, then a developer will be hired, instead.

Single-month recurring donations exceeding the above necessary expenses:

$0 $4000

Why Bugzilla Needs Money Now

Historically, most of Bugzilla's development was done by coders who worked at companies who used Bugzilla, where those companies allowed them to spend time working on the public version of Bugzilla since it got their features included in future Bugzilla versions without them having to locally customize it.

Sadly, this is no longer the case. In the name of immediate productivity, companies get the quickest results by customizing their local copy only for their own use, and not taking the time to contribute those changes to the public version. Being able to upgrade it down the line without losing their customizations is "someone else's problem in the future." (Incidentally, we'd love your help if you're a company that uses Bugzilla and can let one of your internal developers spend a couple hours per week on Bugzilla!)

Because Bugzilla is now in this position, we are trying to raise enough money to directly pay at least one developer, so that it will actually be someone's job to work on Bugzilla, at least part time. That is our pie-in-the-sky goal.

The Legal Stuff

In mid-2023, a group of the core developers formed Zarro Boogs Corporation (ZBC) in order to be a legal entity which could hold the license to the Bugzilla Trademark and raise money on behalf of the project. ZBC is a non-charitable non-profit organization (US Tax Code §501(c)(4) status pending IRS approval), and registered as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Michigan, which means we are required to spend all money raised on the needs of the project, and not make a profit on it. However, since we are not a charity, your donations will not be tax deductible. The Bugzilla trademarks are used under license from the Mozilla Foundation. ZBC is not affiliated with the Mozilla Foundation.