Reporting Bugzilla Bugs

Bugzilla is not Mozilla or Firefox or Thunderbird.

If the bug you wish to report affects Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, or Seamonkey, you need to go to

There are other Bugzillas...

Many people seem to find this page when trying to report bugs in a variety of products. This page is *only* for reporting bugs that affect the Bugzilla bug tracking software itself. Lots and lots of companies and organizations use Bugzilla to handle their bug reporting, but in almost all cases, it's not *this* Bugzilla. If someone told you to report a bug in Bugzilla, but the bug you came to report isn't about Bugzilla itself, you might try looking for the correct Bugzilla on our installation list or look on the affected product's web site to see if they link to their Bugzilla (or other bug tracking system) directly.

Reporting bugs that affect Bugzilla:

  • If you are not the administrator of a Bugzilla then you are probably looking for the above paragraph (titled "There are other Bugzillas"). These links are only for problems that affect the Bugzilla bug tracking system itself, they are not for problems in other products. The Bugzilla bug tracking system is a product of its own, and it's that Bugzilla product which is referenced here.
  • Look to see if your bug has already been reported.
  • If a related bug doesn't already exist, report a new bug.
  • Write full and complete bug reports so we can fix your problem as soon as possible.