D.1. Instructions

If you need to install Perl modules manually, here's how it's done. Download the module using the link given in the next section, and then apply this magic incantation, as root:

bash# tar -xzvf <module>.tar.gz
bash# cd <module>
bash# perl Makefile.PL
bash# make
bash# make test
bash# make install


In order to compile source code under Windows you will need to obtain a 'make' utility. The nmake utility provided with Microsoft Visual C++ may be used. As an alternative, there is a utility called dmake available from CPAN which is written entirely in Perl. The majority of the links given below, however, are to pre-compiled versions of the modules, which can be installed on Windows simply by issuing the following command once you have downloaded the PPD file (which may be packaged within a ZIP file):

          > ppm install <filename.ppd>