Bugzilla::Install::Filesystem - Fix up the filesystem during installation.


This module is used primarily by checksetup.pl to modify the filesystem during installation, including creating the data/ directory.


update_filesystem({ index_html = 0 })>

Description: Creates all the directories and files that Bugzilla needs to function but doesn't ship with. Also does any updates to these files as necessary during an upgrade.

Params: index_html - Whether or not we should create the index.html file.

Returns: nothing


Description: Creates all of the .htaccess files for Apache, in the various Bugzilla directories. Also updates the .htaccess files if they need updating.

Params: none

Returns: nothing


Description: Sets all the file permissions on all of Bugzilla's files to what they should be. Note that permissions are different depending on whether or not $webservergroup is set in localconfig.

Params: $output - true if you want this function to print out information about what it's doing.

Returns: nothing