Bugzilla::Keyword - A Keyword that can be added to a bug.


 use Bugzilla::Keyword;

 my $count = Bugzilla::Keyword::keyword_count;

 my $description = $keyword->description;

 my $keywords = Bugzilla::Keyword->get_all_with_bug_count();


Bugzilla::Keyword represents a keyword that can be added to a bug.

This implements all standard Bugzilla::Object methods. See Bugzilla::Object for more details.


This is only a list of subroutines specific to Bugzilla::Keyword. See Bugzilla::Object for more subroutines that this object implements.

 Description: A utility function to get the total number
              of keywords defined. Mostly used to see
              if there are any keywords defined at all.
 Params:      none
 Returns:     An integer, the count of keywords.
 Description: Returns all defined keywords. This is an efficient way
              to get the associated bug counts, as only one SQL query
              is executed with this method, instead of one per keyword
              when calling get_all and then bug_count.
 Params:      none
 Returns:     A reference to an array of Keyword objects, or an empty
              arrayref if there are no keywords.