Bugzilla::Version - Bugzilla product version class.


    use Bugzilla::Version;

    my $version = new Bugzilla::Version(1, 'version_value');

    my $product_id = $version->product_id;
    my $value = $version->value;


    my $updated = $version->update($version_name, $product);

    my $version = $hash_ref->{'version_value'};

    my $version = Bugzilla::Version::check_version($product_obj,

    my $version = Bugzilla::Version::create($version_name, $product);


Version.pm represents a Product Version object.


new($product_id, $value)
 Description: The constructor is used to load an existing version
              by passing a product id and a version value.

 Params:      $product_id - Integer with a product id.
              $value - String with a version value.

 Returns:     A Bugzilla::Version object.
 Description: Returns the total of bugs that belong to the version.

 Params:      none.

 Returns:     Integer with the number of bugs.
 Description: Removes the version from the database.

 Params:      none.

 Retruns:     none.
update($name, $product)
 Description: Update the value of the version.

 Params:      $name - String with the new version value.
              $product - Bugzilla::Product object the version belongs to.

 Returns:     An integer - 1 if the version has been updated, else 0.


check_version($product, $version_name)
 Description: Checks if the version name exists for the product name.

 Params:      $product - A Bugzilla::Product object.
              $version_name - String with a version name.

 Returns:     Bugzilla::Version object.
create($version_name, $product)
 Description: Create a new version for the given product.

 Params:      $version_name - String with a version value.
              $product - A Bugzilla::Product object.

 Returns:     A Bugzilla::Version object.