bzdbcopy.pl - Copies data from one Bugzilla database to another.


The intended use of this script is to copy data from an installation running on one DB platform to an installation running on another DB platform.

It must be run from the directory containing your Bugzilla installation. That means if this script is in the contrib/ directory, you should be running it as: ./contrib/bzdbcopy.pl

Note: Both schemas must already exist and be IDENTICAL. (That is, they must have both been created/updated by the same version of checksetup.pl.) This script will DESTROY ALL CURRENT DATA in the target database.

Both Schemas must be at least from Bugzilla 2.19.3, but if you're running a Bugzilla from before 2.20rc2, you'll need the patch at: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=300311 in order to be able to run this script.

Before you using it, you have to correctly set all the variables in the "User-Configurable Settings" section at the top of the script. The SOURCE settings are for the database you're copying from, and the TARGET settings are for the database you're copying to. The DB_TYPE is the name of a DB driver from the Bugzilla/DB/ directory.