Chapter 4. Bugzilla Security

Table of Contents
4.1. Operating System
4.1.1. TCP/IP Ports
4.1.2. System User Accounts
4.1.3. The chroot Jail
4.2. MySQL
4.2.1. The MySQL System Account
4.2.2. The MySQL "root" and "anonymous" Users
4.2.3. Network Access
4.3. Web server
4.4. Bugzilla

While some of the items in this chapter are related to the operating system Bugzilla is running on or some of the support software required to run Bugzilla, it is all related to protecting your data. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to securing Linux, Apache, MySQL, or any other piece of software mentioned. There is no substitute for active administration and monitoring of a machine. The key to good security is actually right in the middle of the word: U R It.

While programmers in general always strive to write secure code, accidents can and do happen. The best approach to security is to always assume that the program you are working with isn't 100% secure and restrict its access to other parts of your machine as much as possible.