install-module.pl - Installs or upgrades modules from CPAN. This script does not run on Windows.


  ./install-module.pl Module::Name [--global]
  ./install-module.pl --all [--global]
  ./install-module.pl --upgrade-all [--global]
  ./install-module.pl --show-config

  Do "./install-module.pl --help" for more information.



The name of a module that you want to install from CPAN. This is the same thing that you'd give to the install command in the CPAN shell.

You can specify multiple module names separated by a space to install multiple modules.


This makes install-module install modules globally for all applications, instead of just for Bugzilla.

On most systems, you have to be root for --global to work.


This will make install-module do its best to install every required and optional module that is not installed that Bugzilla can use.

Some modules may fail to install. You can run checksetup.pl to see which installed properly.


This is like --all, except it forcibly installs the very latest version of every Bugzilla prerequisite, whether or not you already have them installed.


Prints out the CPAN configuration in raw Perl format. Useful for debugging.


Shows this help.