1.4. Credits

The people listed below have made enormous contributions to the creation of this Guide, through their writing, dedicated hacking efforts, numerous e-mail and IRC support sessions, and overall excellent contribution to the Bugzilla community:

Matthew P. Barnson

for the Herculean task of pulling together the Bugzilla Guide and shepherding it to 2.14.

Terry Weissman

for initially writing Bugzilla and creating the README upon which the UNIX installation documentation is largely based.

Tara Hernandez

for keeping Bugzilla development going strong after Terry left mozilla.org and for running landfill.

Dave Lawrence

for providing insight into the key differences between Red Hat's customized Bugzilla.

Dawn Endico

for being a hacker extraordinaire and putting up with Matthew's incessant questions and arguments on irc.mozilla.org in #mozwebtools

Jacob Steenhagen

for taking over documentation during the 2.17 development period.

Dave Miller

for taking over as project lead when Tara stepped down and continually pushing for the documentation to be the best it can be.

Thanks also go to the following people for significant contributions to this documentation: Kevin Brannen, Vlad Dascalu, Ben FrantzDale, Eric Hanson, Zach Lipton, Gervase Markham, Andrew Pearson, Joe Robins, Spencer Smith, Ron Teitelbaum, Shane Travis, Martin Wulffeld.

Also, thanks are due to the members of the mozilla.support.bugzilla newsgroup (and its predecessor, netscape.public.mozilla.webtools). Without your discussions, insight, suggestions, and patches, this could never have happened.