Bugzilla 3.4.14+ API Documentation

checksetup A do-it-all upgrade and installation script for Bugzilla.
contrib::bz_webservice_demo Show how to talk to Bugzilla via XMLRPC
contrib::bzdbcopy Copies data from one Bugzilla database to another.
contrib::merge-users Merge two user accounts.
contrib::recode Converts a database from one encoding (or multiple encodings) to UTF-8.
email_in The Bugzilla Inbound Email Interface
importxml Import bugzilla bug data from xml.
install-module Installs or upgrades modules from CPAN. This script does not run on Windows.
jobqueue Runs jobs in the background for Bugzilla.
sanitycheck Perl script to perform a sanity check at the command line
Bugzilla Semi-persistent collection of various objects used by scripts and modules
Bugzilla::Attachment Bugzilla attachment class.
Bugzilla::Auth An object that authenticates the login credentials for a user.
Bugzilla::Auth::Login Gets username/password data from the user.
Bugzilla::Auth::Verify An object that verifies usernames and passwords.
Bugzilla::CGI CGI handling for Bugzilla
Bugzilla::Classification Bugzilla classification class.
Bugzilla::Component Bugzilla product component class.
Bugzilla::Config Configuration parameters for Bugzilla
Bugzilla::Config::Common Parameter checking functions
Bugzilla::DB Database access routines, using DBI
Bugzilla::DB::Mysql Bugzilla database compatibility layer for MySQL
Bugzilla::DB::Oracle Bugzilla database compatibility layer for Oracle
Bugzilla::DB::Pg Bugzilla database compatibility layer for PostgreSQL
Bugzilla::DB::Schema Abstract database schema for Bugzilla
Bugzilla::Error Error handling utilities for Bugzilla
Bugzilla::Field a particular piece of information about bugs and useful routines for form field manipulation
Bugzilla::Field::Choice A legal value for a <select>-type field.
Bugzilla::Flag A module to deal with Bugzilla flag values.
Bugzilla::FlagType A module to deal with Bugzilla flag types.
Bugzilla::Group Bugzilla group class.
Bugzilla::Hook Extendable extension hooks for Bugzilla code
Bugzilla::Install Functions and variables having to do with installation.
Bugzilla::Install::CPAN Routines to install Perl modules from CPAN.
Bugzilla::Install::DB Fix up the database during installation.
Bugzilla::Install::Filesystem Fix up the filesystem during installation.
Bugzilla::Install::Requirements Functions and variables dealing with Bugzilla's perl-module requirements.
Bugzilla::Install::Util Utility functions that are useful both during installation and afterwards.
Bugzilla::JobQueue Interface between Bugzilla and TheSchwartz.
Bugzilla::JobQueue::Runner A class representing the daemon that runs the job queue.
Bugzilla::Keyword A Keyword that can be added to a bug.
Bugzilla::Milestone Bugzilla product milestone class.
Bugzilla::Object A base class for objects in Bugzilla.
Bugzilla::Product Bugzilla product class.
Bugzilla::Search::Saved A saved search
Bugzilla::Status Bug status class.
Bugzilla::Template Wrapper around the Template Toolkit Template object
Bugzilla::Token Provides different routines to manage tokens.
Bugzilla::Update Update routines for Bugzilla
Bugzilla::User Object for a Bugzilla user
Bugzilla::User::Setting Object for a user preference setting
Bugzilla::User::Setting::Lang Object for a user preference setting for preferred language
Bugzilla::User::Setting::Skin Object for a user preference setting for skins
Bugzilla::User::Setting::Timezone Object for a user preference setting for desired timezone
Bugzilla::Util Generic utility functions for bugzilla
Bugzilla::Version Bugzilla product version class.
Bugzilla::WebService The Web Service interface to Bugzilla
Bugzilla::WebService::Bug The API for creating, changing, and getting the details of bugs.
Bugzilla::WebService::Bugzilla Global functions for the webservice interface.
Bugzilla::WebService::Product The Product API
Bugzilla::WebService::User The User Account and Login API