Bugzilla::WebService::Util - Utility functions used inside of the WebService code. These are not functions that can be called via the WebService.


This is somewhat like Bugzilla::Util, but these functions are only used internally in the WebService code.


 filter({ include_fields => ['id', 'name'], 
          exclude_fields => ['name'] }, $hash);

 validate(@_, 'ids');



This helps implement the include_fields and exclude_fields arguments of WebService methods. Given a hash (the second argument to this subroutine), this will remove any keys that are not in include_fields and then remove any keys that are in exclude_fields.


This helps in the validation of parameters passed into the WebService methods. Currently it converts listed parameters into an array reference if the client only passed a single scalar value. It modifies the parameters hash in place so other parameters should be unaltered.