Bugzilla::Field::ChoiceInterface - Makes an object act like a Bugzilla::Field::Choice.


This is an "interface", in the Java sense (sometimes called a "Role" or a "Mixin" in other languages). Bugzilla::Field::Choice is the primary implementor of this interface, but other classes also implement it if they want to "act like" Bugzilla::Field::Choice.



These are in addition to the standard Bugzilla::Object accessors.


The key that determines the sort order of this item.


The Bugzilla::Field object that this field value belongs to.


Whether or not this value should appear as an option on bugs that do not already have it set as the current value.


0 if this field value can be renamed or deleted, 1 otherwise.


1 if this is the default value for this field, 0 otherwise.


An integer count of the number of bugs that have this value set.


Returns an arrayref of Bugzilla::Field objects, representing any fields whose visibility are controlled by this field value.


Tells you which values in other fields appear (become visible) when this value is set in its field.

Returns a hashref of arrayrefs. The hash keys are the names of fields, and the values are arrays of objects that implement Bugzilla::Field::ChoiceInterface, representing values that this value controls the visibility of, for that field.


Returns an object that implements Bugzilla::Field::ChoiceInterface, which represents the value that needs to be set in order for this value to appear in the UI.


Returns 1 if, according to the settings of is_active and visibility_value, this value should be displayed as an option when viewing a bug. Returns 0 otherwise.

Takes a single argument, a Bugzilla::Bug object or a hash with similar fields to a Bugzilla::Bug object.


Returns 1 if this value is the current value set for its field on the passed-in Bugzilla::Bug object (or a hash that looks like a Bugzilla::Bug). For multi-valued fields, we return 1 if any of the currently selected values are this value.

Returns 0 otherwise.