1.5. Document Conventions

This document uses the following conventions:


This is a caution. Make sure to read this to not be in trouble!


This is a hint or tip, especially about some configuration tweaks.


This is just a note, for your information.


This is a warning, something you should take care of.

A filename or a path to a filename is displayed like this: /path/to/filename.ext

A command to type in the shell is displayed like this: command --arguments

bash$ represents a normal user's prompt under bash shell

bash# represents a root user's prompt under bash shell

A word which is in the glossary will appear like this: Bugzilla

A sample of code is illustrated like this:

First Line of Code
Second Line of Code

This documentation is maintained in DocBook 4.2 XML format. Changes are best submitted as plain text or XML diffs, attached to a bug filed in the Bugzilla Documentation component.