18. January 2002

Bugzilla Status Update

by Jacob Steenhagen (jake)


It’s been a while since the previous (AKA, first) status update, so this one will be a bit longer than may be considered ideal. As you are probably aware, the 2.16 release of Bugzilla hasn’t happened yet. We are working hard at making this release a reality, but the members of the core team have been very busy lately with other endevors (rumor has it that some of us have a life :). As of this writing, the goal is to freeze the tree on Saturday, February 2, 2002 with a release happening on Saturday, February 16.

Highly Misleading & Meaningless Statistics

Date 2.16 Bugs With Patches Waiting For Review 2.16 Bugs Waiting For Patches 2.16 Release Blockers 2.18 Bugs Other Bugs
2001-10-19 112 bugs 329 bugs   36 bugs 299 bugs
2002-01-18 49 bugs 61 bugs 34 bugs 459 bugs 337 bugs

The 2.14.1 Release

During the time that the trunk was open for 2.15 development, the decision was made that in order to provide better security, all .cgi files should run in taint mode. As of the 2.14 release, only processmail ran in taint mode. In the process of turning on taint mode in the perl files and for anything entering the database, there were numerous security holes discovered, some of which allowed you to masquerade as another user, others allowed you to glean information about secure bugs. It was decided that these holes were of a high enough severity to backport the patches to 2.14 and put out an interm release rather than wait for 2.16 to come out. More specific information can be found in the 2.14.1 Release Notes.

Please note that 2.14.1 does not run in taint mode. Also, the goal for 2.16 is to have all the user accessible files running in taint mode (basically, anything that doesn’t start with edit).


For better or for worse, templatisation of all user visible .cgi’s is now a 2.16 release goal. The “better” part is that it makes customizing the look and feel of the front end much easier as you only have to change the template, you don’t have to change any of the perl code. The “worse” is that it’s a lot of work and probably one of the main reasons for the constant delays of 2.16.

The minimum version of the Template Toolkit was recently increased to be 2.06 instead of 2.01. This is because there were certain features that required this newer version that we wanted to take advantage of in Bugzilla. See bug 120081 for more information.

The Template Toolkit is available from their web page. If you use linux, you can also get the module from CPAN. Instructions for using PPM on win32 are available from their web page.

Bugs relevant to the templating process that are still outstanding are:

2.16 Goals

The goals for our 2.16 release have changed since the last status update. When that update was written, the goal was to have no patches setting around bit-rotting. It was determined that while this is an admirable goal, there were other things that Bugzilla needed more, such as the aforementioned templates. Reducing the patch queue and accepting submissions from non-core developers is an ongoing goal for the Bugzilla development team, but we are constantly faced with the difficult decision of how to manage what little time we have to work on this project.

The current goals for our 2.16 release are:

  • HTML 4.01 Transitional compliance.
  • Templatization of all customer-visible CGI pages, to allow easy customization by the administrator
  • Allow users to change their own email addresses, instead of having to bug the site admin (using verification emails sent to both the old and new addresses to validate the change)
  • Complete redesign of the schema related to security groups to eliminate the “funky groupset math” and allow more than 55 bug groups to be created.
  • Remove old attachment code in favor of the new attachment tracker system.
  • Enable Perl’s taint mode for all user accessible files, and taint-check anything being sent to the database.

For a more up to date list, see the roadmap. Also, the current list of open bugs that are considered release blockers can be found in this buglist.


There are many ways you can help the Bugzilla team.

  • Patches to Fix Bugs/Implement New Features. These are very welcome, especially if they are targetted for the 2.16 milestone! They need to be appropriately generic for all Bugzilla installations and conform to our other requirements (see the hackers’ guide) before they can appear in CVS, but if you don’t wish to do this, anything is better than nothing, and we can use your work as a base.
  • New documentation. If you think you can help with the documentation for Bugzilla, please contact Matthew Barnson.
  • Testing. Search for bugs in the Bugzilla software, as well as trying out pending patches in the bug system.
  • Review. If you have experience with Perl and Bugzilla code, it would be very useful if you look over pending patches in the bug system and see if there are any problems with them. Generally we expect reviewers to have submitted some patches first so we can evaluate their ability. If you fit into this category, please contact Dave Miller about this.
  • Automatic Problem Finding. If you have ideas for automatically detecting problems, please let the team know by filing a bug in the Testing Suite component.

The Bugzilla team mainly communicates through the IRC channel #mozwebtools on irc.mozilla.org. All are welcome on this channel, whether you are an administrator of a Bugzilla installation or wish to contribute. The more the merrier.

Upcoming Major Features

Major new features are being working on. Some of these will appear in 2.16. If you would like to know when we plan on adding one of these feature, you can get that information from the bug requesting its implementation. These include:

  • PostgreSQL support. (Bug 98304)
  • Ability to have more than 55 groups, which will also allow a finer grained rights system to be introduced. (Bug 68022)
  • Customised resolutions, that allow adding, removing, deactivating and renaming of resolutions. (Bug 94534)
  • Expanding the e-mail preferences to allow watching components, keywords, etc. (Bug 73665)
  • Request tracker, for managing requests to change things about bugs. (Bug 98801)
  • Use template pages instead of hard-coding the HTML into the perl. (Bug 86168)
  • mod_perl support. (Bug 87406)

Checkins Since the Last Status Update

Get this list from Bonsai

  • Bug 73180 - Put a notice in the versioncache file stating that it’s automatically generated
  • Bug 104340 - Change the UI for the toolbar that allows bugs to be hidden in the dependency tree
  • Bug 105480 - Use the friendly name from the fielddefs table when reporting strictvalue errors if it’s available
  • Bug 71840 - Make comments referenceable using a #c4 to get the fourth comment
  • Bug 63249 - The Bug Counts report was running very slowly due to unneeded fields/joins in the SQL query
  • Bug 97469 - Fixed the mail handling code to allow “extra” people that can see a restricted bug to get e-mail about it
  • Bug 95024 - Fixed the query code to allow “extra” people see their bugs in a buglist
  • Bug 101560 - BASH_ENV was casing processmail grief in if it existed due to Taint mode
  • Bug 106315 - Added a link to the bottom of a buglist to send e-mail to all QA Contacts contained in that buglist
  • Bug 104065 - Stop uninitialized string warnings from getting into the error log when the login cookie doesn’t exist
  • Bug 98602 - Completely redesigned the Create Attachment page
  • Bug 81594 - SQL error after editing user entry when changing numerous things at once
  • Bug 150879 - Footer links have an extra | by Sanity Check
  • Bug 96675 - checksetup.pl should require admin e-mail address satisfy emailregexp
  • Bug 95615 - cosmetic change to clarify error message when trying to use too many votes
  • Bug 105773 - Email addresses in the CC list are now sorted case-insensitively
  • Bug 107718 - Do bit fiddling instead of adding groupsets from the first bug to prevent problems with mass changes
  • Bug 107672 - All new regular expressions for determining what browser/os is being used
  • *Bug 108516 - Stopped trusting the hidden form value from enter_bug.cgi to determine who is filing the bug
  • *Bug 108385 - Stopped trusting the hidden value from the bug form when adding a comment to the database.
  • Bug 108547 - Use proper DOM code on the edit attachment page
  • Bug 101166 - Allow “extra” people to see that the bug is in a group
  • *Bug 108812 - Prevent users from running queries containing arbitrary SQL
  • *Bug 108821 - Prevent users with blessgroupset privileges from blessing any group set
  • *Bug 108822 - Prevent any user from changing their own groupset
  • Bug 104652 - Duplicate bugs in the dependency tree now get marked with the message “This bug appears elsewhere in this tree.” so users know why the bug does not appear to have dependencies
  • Bug 99519 - timestamps were not being set correctly in the activity table in some situations, and the delta_ts on the bug itself was not always being updated if dependencies or CCs changed
  • Bug 109048 - Fixed error when creating attachments without logging in
  • Bug 109138 - Fixed a problem where Bugzilla didn’t detect Macs
  • *Bug 109690 - Verify that all bugs passed to longlist.cgi are valid
  • Bug 86300 - Don’t link to bugs that do not exist. Also, cache the results of the GetBugLink()
  • Bug 99518 - Added license header to all templates
  • Bug 98110 - Make the attachment change page look like the bug changed page
  • Bug 6419 - Tools that can be used to generate Bugzilla queries on the command line were added to the contrib/ directory
  • Bug 101560 - Cleared some more environment variables that caused issues when running in Taint mode
  • Bug 104667 - Votes field (text style) on showvotes.cgi defaults to size 5, not natural size and doesn’t include a maxlength attribute
  • Bug 12284 - allow user to specify which columns to display in a bug list
  • Bug 92500 - Line-feeds were not being properly converted when submitting parameter changes with some Mac browsers
  • Bug 107120 - Make the header template generate valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Bug 107120 - After entering a new bug, the link offering to add an attachment to the bug you just created pointed at the old attachment form instead of the new one
  • Bug 100788 - enter_bug.cgi wasn’t correctly interpretting whether or not a partial URL needed an http:// added to the front of it
  • Bug 105812 - The footer link for editing Products was incorrectly labled as Components
  • Bug 98707 - Complete redesign of the query page
  • Bug 109240 - Fixed a regression that caused a really long line in e-mail
  • *Bug 102141 - The Product select box now only shows products the user has access to (and the product the bug is in, if the user is viewing it because of some other override)
  • Bug 93754 - Individual keywords can be linked to on the describe keywords page by using HTML anchors
  • Bug 99864 - consistant use of “product” vs “program”
  • Bug 104261 - Made sure all files that use templates look inside the custom directory first
  • Bug 61634 - explain what “Milestone URL” is on the editproducts page
  • Bug 109530 - Fixed Bug.pm so it doesn’t quote xml characters until it’s asked to output xml (instead of doing it both ways)
  • Bug 101875 - Put the product column before the component column rather than after
  • Bug 109802 - Make it clear how to enter mysql passwords with special characters into localconfig
  • Bug 108312 - The mid-air collision page was only showing the most recent changes if two people committed changes to a bug while you were viewing it.
  • Bug 54901 - If you were using LDAP authentication it would let you log in as anyone if you left the password blank
  • Bug 37339 - Added a sidebar for Mozilla based browsers that contains the saved queries from the page footer
  • Bug 80183 - Make the index page use a template and contain the normal page footer
  • Bug 102487 - Check for lack of comments and warn before checking to see if the product has changed
  • Bug 113646 - An error would occur if there was a midair collision and the assignee was being changed
  • Bug 98080 - If attachment.cgi is run without any params, it will now prompt for the attachment number
  • Bug 97784 - Wrap comments properly on “edit attachment” page
  • *Bug 109679 - It was possible to send arbitrary SQL to buglist.cgi by altering the HTML form before submitting
  • Bug 113975 - Changing only cc on mass change page incorrectly gives an error that you didn’t select anything to change
  • Bug 113383 - Add a link to the dependent bug in emails about a dependent bug changing state
  • Bug 99608 - Dependency mails are no longer sent if the dependent bug can’t be seen by the would-be recipient of the email
  • Bug 120081 - Bugzilla now requires version 2.06 of the Template Toolkit

Bugs with an asterisk (*) next to them were also checked into the 2.14.1 branch