Bugzilla Support Options

The options described here are for installation, administration, and customization support for Bugzilla server software. If you are an end-user of a Bugzilla, please consult the support options made available by that Bugzilla’s owner.

Where to Ask Questions

Private Emails Do Not Help Others

If you mail one of the Bugzilla developers directly with a support question, you’re likely to be ignored. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to help you out, on the contrary, we very much want to see you succeed in using Bugzilla. Quite simply, providing tech support takes the developers’ time away from fixing bugs. Most of them don’t mind helping once in a while, but if everyone emails them, well, you can see where that would go. There are other knowledgeable users and administrators of Bugzilla, who are very familiar with it and enjoy spending time helping people with it, and read and reply to the support mailing list. Some of the developers help out there, too, when they have time. Thus we provide our general support on the mailing list mentioned above, where lots of people have a chance to answer your question (because you never know who knows the answer), and the questions and answers get archived and can be used by future Bugzilla admins at their leisure from a search engine. We’ll also try to help you out on the IRC or Matrix channels (see above) when possible.

Commercial Support

Bugzilla is a community supported project. This means we don’t directly offer any commercial support, but rather provide the public forums listed above where you can get assistance. If you’re still looking for commercial support for Bugzilla, however, you might try one of these consultants who have offered their services.