How To Get Bugzilla

By far best way to get, maintain and upgrade Bugzilla is as a checkout from the appropriate branch of our source code control system. This is true of both stable and development versions. Instructions on how to do this are in the Installation and Maintenance Guide. That document also explains how to upgrade Bugzilla to a new version, move a Bugzilla installation between machines, and migrate from other bug-tracking systems.

If you are installing a new Bugzilla, the latest stable release series (and so the one you should choose unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise) is the 5.0 series. You will need this information when following the installation instructions.

If you are upgrading, note that you can upgrade directly from any old Bugzilla version to any new release—you do not have to go via the releases in between. You should upgrade to the latest stable series, 5.0, and read the Release Notes. If you want to know exactly what’s changed from one version to the next, you can view checkin logs.

Bugzilla is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, and is thus both free and open source software.

Bugzilla Addons

For a list of programs that can enhance and interact with Bugzilla in various ways, see our Addons list.

Localized Versions

Bugzilla uses a template system and those templates can be translated into other languages. This is a list of currently-known localizations of the Bugzilla UI. These are third-party contributions, so if you need help with any of them, please contact the maintainer of the particular localization.

The short version of how to install/use these is at the end of the Localization Guide.

Tag Language 4.4 5.0 6.0 Maintainer
bg Български език / Bulgarian 4.4.13 5.0.6   Георги Д. Сотиров (Georgi D. Sotirov)
cs Čeština/Czech 4.4.x 5.0.x   Norbert Volf
de Deutsch / German 4.4.11 5.0.2   Marc Schumann
es Español / Spanish       Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla
fr Français / French 4.4.13 5.0.6 5.1.2 Cédric Corazza
ja 日本語 / Japanese 4.4.11 5.0.2   Atsushi Shimono
pl Polski / Polish team
ru Русский / Russian 4.4.4     Виталий Федрушков (Vitaly Fedrushkov), Alexander L. Slovesnik, Alexey Gladkov
zh_TW 繁體中文/ Chinese (Traditional) 4.4.11 5.0.2   Repeat Yang

If you have additions or corrections for this list, please contact the Bugzilla l10n team.

If your language is not listed here, do not give up. Look at the list of all known localization efforts. Listed there are works in progress, older releases for unsupported Bugzilla versions, and orphaned projects. We don’t advise using unsupported releases, but it may be a good place to start if you want to bring a localization up to date.

Manual Downloads

Again, the best way to get Bugzilla is to follow the instructions in the Installation and Maintenance Guide, which use the ‘git’ version control system. However, if you do need to download a tarball, here they are:


If for some reason you need a very old version of Bugzilla, you can download tarballs from the Bugzilla FTP site.