10. May 2002

Bugzilla Status Update

by Dave Miller (justdave)


At long last we are really and truly in the final countdown for the 2.16 release! Tonight we’ve released 2.16rc1 (first release candidate). As of this time, there are no code bugs remaining targeted for the 2.16 release. The documentation is still incomplete, and will be updated again before the 2.16 release, but the code is basically what we’d like to release, unless any regression bugs are found of course. Check out our downloads page to pick up a copy of the Release Candidate and try it out! Remember we do NOT recommend using the release candidate for production use. You may do so at your own risk. However, if you have someplace to test it out, by all means do so. If you find any regression bugs, please let us know! Win32 users, see note below.

Highly Misleading & Meaningless Statistics

Date 2.16 Bugs With Patches Waiting For Review 2.16 Bugs Waiting For Patches 2.16 Release Blockers 2.18 Bugs Other Bugs
2002-05-08 0 bugs 0 bugs 2 bugs 597 bugs 410 bugs
2002-04-16 11 bugs 4 bugs 5 bugs 541 bugs 437 bugs
2002-04-07 8 bugs 8 bugs 9 bugs 494 bugs 465 bugs
2002-03-03 16 bugs 17 bugs 23 bugs 487 bugs 430 bugs
2002-02-13 24 bugs 21 bugs 23 bugs 481 bugs 405 bugs
2002-02-11 34 bugs 35 bugs 27 bugs 477 bugs 396 bugs
2002-01-18 49 bugs 61 bugs 34 bugs 459 bugs 337 bugs
2001-10-19 112 bugs 329 bugs   36 bugs 299 bugs

The two remaining “blocker” bugs are the release tracking bug, and the release notes.

Templatisation Update

One of the biggest and most overwhelming changes in Bugzilla since 2.14 is that all of the customer-visible files have been converted to use HTML templates using Template Toolkit. This has the potential to make migration from an older Bugzilla a royal pain if you’ve done any customizing, since this essentially amounted to a rewrite of a huge chunk of Bugzilla (and is the main reason this release is so far behind schedule). If you survive this update, all of our future updates should be tremendously easier, though, since you can now customize the look and feel of your site without having to touch Perl code.

The administrative pages are scheduled to go through this same process during the next development cycle.

The template directory has been completely moved from it’s former location in the CVS repository earlier in the 2.15/2.16 development cycle, to drop things a level deeper in the hierarchy in preparation for localization/internationalization efforts in the near future. The shipped templates now reside in template/en/default instead of template/default. ‘en’ being the language code for English of course. There are already translations in the works for at least Spanish and German, and efforts will be made early in the next development cycle to make this more seamless and integrate with the user’s browser preferences as well.

Email sending is broken on Win32

Unfortunately, the templatization of process_bug.cgi broke the ability for Bugzilla to send bug update notifications via email on Windows due to the way ActiveState Perl handles fork(). There is a fix for this in the works, but it involves major code changes, and we didn’t want to hold up the 2.16 release for another month to give it adequate testing. The bottom line is, if you’re using Win32, you do not want Bugzilla 2.16. There will be a 2.16.1 release which includes this fix as soon as it’s ready. For up-to-date information on this topic, see bugs 124174 and 84876.

2.16 Goals

The current goals for our 2.16 release are still:

  • HTML 4.01 Transitional compliance. (this is being handled in tandem with the templatization) (complete)
  • Templatization of all customer-visible CGI pages, to allow easy customization by the administrator (complete)
  • Allow users to change their own email addresses, instead of having to bug the site admin (using verification emails sent to both the old and new addresses to validate the change) (complete)
  • Remove old attachment code in favor of the new attachment tracker system. (complete)
  • Enable Perl’s taint mode for all user accessible files, and taint-check anything being sent to the database.(complete)

As always, for an up to date list, see the roadmap.

Upcoming Major Features

Major new features are being working on. If you would like to know when we plan on adding one of these feature, you can get that information from the bug requesting its implementation. These include:

  • Ability to send email via SMTP instead of relying on a local installation of sendmail. (Bug 84876)
  • PostgreSQL support. (Bug 98304)
  • Ability to have more than 55 groups, which will also allow a finer grained rights system to be introduced. (Bug 68022)
  • Ability to add generic customized fields to bugs (Bug 91037)
  • Customised resolutions, that allow adding, removing, deactivating and renaming of resolutions. (Bug 94534)
  • Expanding the e-mail preferences to allow watching components, keywords, etc. (Bug 73665)
  • Request tracker, for managing requests to change things about bugs. (Bug 98801)
  • mod_perl support. (Bug 87406)
  • New makefile-based installation system (Bug 104660, Bug 105854, Bug 105855, and Bug 105856)

Checkins Since the Last Status Update

The following is a list of specific bugs fixed (and their checkin messages) since the last Bugzilla status report. It is ordered by the checkin date, as ordered by Bonsai. It includes checkins from 03/03/2002 to 05/20/2002. This list was generated by filtering the output from Bonsai; if you’re interested, you can run the query for yourself.

The following general checkins were made without reference to any specific bugs:

  • 5/8/2002 - Documentation and Bugzilla Guide updates (Gerv)
  • 5/1/2002 - Documentation updates (Gerv)
  • 5/1/2002 - Documentation recompile and trial/error updates (justdave)
  • 4/24/2002 - tinderbox bustage fixes and .cvsignore updates (justdave/Gerv)
  • 4/17/2002 - Missing version string; fixed due to tinderbox bustage (bbaetz)
  • Various other random tinderbox bustage fixes ;-)

And now… for da big list:

  • Bug 143124, Fix warning messages about *::TESTOUT and clean up test code. Patch makes the tests much better now.
  • Bug 143091 - No email to the qa contact when creating bugs.
  • Bug 143040 - Tidy up remove parameters message in checksetup.pl.
  • Bug 143066 - footer shows as logged out on show_bug.cgi.
  • Bug 143045 - Bug groups text is unclear.
  • Bug 142950 - query links in footer are broken.
  • Bug 140437 - clean up parameters.
  • Bug 142231 - template/.cvsignore should contain es, de, but not custom.
  • bug 142792 - Output from checksetup.pl contains misspelled words.
  • Bug 140435 - Templatise GetCommandMenu.
  • Bug 135543 - @Support::Templates::testitems does not list all templates
  • Bug 134571 - client-side image maps in showdependencygraph.cgi
  • Bug 140355 - warn the user about not using a webserver group
  • Bug 140993 - Pass javascript correctly into header; templatise the rest of the header-related parameters.
  • Bug 141036 - add INTERFACE comments to all templates. This does the first 20 or so - many more to go…
  • Rename getSelection to get_selection. Fixes bug 141716, Mozilla context menus were broken on query.cgi because of getSelection overriding the native method which is used by Mozilla’s context menu code.
  • Bug 139313 - warning in buglist.cgi when votes isn’t a parameter
  • Bug 135836 - change requests should include expiration details.
  • Bug 141609 - “Version unspecified” error when changing product with product groups enabled.
  • Bug 97496 - Release notes updates.
  • Bug 141635 - showdependencygraph requires bug number for doall.
  • Bug 117936 - deprecate Apache 1.2 as our .htaccess files don’t work with it.
  • Bug 125395 - remove revision history. That’s what CVS is for :-) Also, do other tidy-ups and updates to front page.
  • Bug 105877 - Backup & check for modifications before upgrade.
  • Bug 137709 - remove incorrect information about email preferences.
  • Bug 111712 - update command for changing path to Perl.
  • Bug 126907 - remove “Future” section from guide.
  • Bug 141557 - modification to user deletion code in editusers.cgi - prevent allowuserdeletion being bypassed.
  • Bug 140770 - Navigation doesn’t work after creating a new bug. This fix displays a new bug to the user immediately after it’s been filed.
  • Bug 141385 - dependency graph title is incorrect when doall is specified.
  • Bug 141326 - broken hyperlink in editkeywords.cgi.
  • Bug 140311 - query.cgi, search/seach.html.tmpl: should move some strings to template.
  • Bug 140664 - checksetup.pl fails on perl 5.005.
  • Bug 140564 - Unquoted variable in regexp in globals.pl.
  • Bug 140329 - Stagger headers have wrong order.
  • Bug 140784 - edit*.cgi need a use lib “.” on Win32/IIS w/ taint.
  • Bug 140953 - Creating the first attachment status fails.
  • Bug 140553 - remaining instances of uri filter.
  • Bug 137623 - showdependencytree.cgi has minor grammatical and formatting issues.
  • Bug 140765 - midair template has an error.
  • Bug 140006 - ThrowTemplateError should try a template before using print statements.
  • Bug 138904 - post_bug templates should be separate. Renaming template so that the name’s not so long, and we can use formats.
  • Bug 138904 - post_bug templates should be separate.
  • Bug 140103 - various templatisations or cleanups in CGI.pl.
  • Bug 140633: Template Toolkit bug causes directory “datatemplate” to be created in the Bugzilla root directory instead of creating “template” within the “data” directory. Adding a trailing slash to the compile directory name to work around it.
  • Bug 138284 - prepare for Bugzilla Helper replacement enter_bug template.
  • Bug 105960 - xml.cgi has wrong content type, and should be standalone
  • Bug 97832 - turn on template compilation. This means that the minimum TT version is now 2.07.
  • Bug 138994 - split up duplicates.html.tmpl.
  • Bug 140419 - fix merge error from bug 138995. Oops.
  • Bug 140407 - remove all references to directories template/default and template/custom. They are no more. Oceania is at war with East Asia. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.
  • Move a </center> tag (inserted in bug 129442 in a vain attempt to make this CGI’s HTML validate) to the bottom of the initial page. This has the effect of fixing the alignment of the “choose chart” widgets; returning them back to the centre, where it should be. No bug number.
  • Bug 138995 - split up search.html.tmpl.
  • Bug 139930 - checksetup.pl no longer fails if data/params does not exist
  • Bug 139759 - gets email searches for “cc: list or assignee” working again.
  • Bug 140354 - Prevents “edit attachment as comment” from displaying opening and closing HTML tags on recent versions of Mozilla by making the regexp that finds and removes them case-insensitive.
  • Bug 135817 - update template filename. Oops.
  • Bug 140124 - PuntTryAgain must die.
  • Bug 135814 - templatise Token.pm.
  • Bug 139588: changes “size” to “maxlength” in abbreviations hash since “size” is a hash built-in method in Template Toolkit 2.07
  • Bug 140161: Prevents function call from displaying its return value, which we don’t need.
  • Bug 140145 - GetLongDescriptionAsHTML must die.
  • Bug 140121 - make sure we keep calling SyncAnyPendingShadowChanges from the footer.
  • Bug 140110 - remove 273 lines of redundant code from CGI.pl.
  • Bug 139928 - cvs remove templates from template/default directory. These templates now all live in template/en/default, for l10n purposes.
  • Bug 137183 - tab names should be in the template not in the .cgi.
  • Bug 126571: prevents display of messages to end-users about parameters being removed when an installation upgrades to a later version of Bugzilla from which some parameters have been removed.
  • Bug 138456 - use proper error functions in DBNameToIdAndCheck.
  • Bug 139632: connect to the database in enter_bug.cgi in case it is time to rebuild the version cache, which needs a database connection.
  • Bug 125066 - remove the need to set a milestone on accept for products with just one milestone.
  • Bug 136180 - use uri/url_quote filters correctly.
  • Bug 139800 - remove errant references to index.html.
  • Bug 139787 - more template name fixes to stop tree burning.
  • Bug 138588 - missed a DisplayError -> ThrowTemplateError change.
  • Bug 138588 - change to use new template structure.
  • Bug 138582 - convert all INCLUDEs to PROCESS.
  • Bug 124587: Lock bugs table before inserting new bug.
  • Bug 138604, make the bugzilla sidebar use valid XUL plus some template cleanup.
  • Bug 139051 - fix misspelling of “privilege”.
  • Bug 135707 - rearrange templates to normalise filenames, and create directory structure which allows for localised versions of the templates. Earlier versions of these templates can be found, cvs removed, scattered around bugzilla/template/default; but there are no substantial changes between their initial checkin there and here.
  • Bug 125013: ProcessMultipartFormFields in CGI.pl would hang if the posting browser included regexp metacharacters in its boundary string.
  • Bug 138581 - add template/en/* to the search path.
  • Bug 135707 - make template/en/default templates consistent with template/default.
  • Bug 135707 - rearrange templates to normalise filenames, and create directory structure which allows for localised versions of the templates. Earlier versions of these templates can be found, cvs removed, scattered around bugzilla/template/default; but there are no substantial changes between their initial checkin there and here.
  • Bug 138064 - False-positive error message in checksetup.pl when checking for “png” in data/webdot/.htaccess.
  • Bug 135707 - rearrange templates to normalise filenames, and create directory structure which allows for localised versions of the templates. Earlier versions of these templates can be found, cvs removed, scattered around bugzilla/template/default; but there are no substantial changes between their initial checkin there and here.
  • Bug 12004: need info on Template and AppConfig in the help docs.
  • Bug 137954 - Empty “move-button-text” field blocks changing bugs.
  • Bug 126792: Templatizes showdependencytree.cgi.
  • Bug 135545 - missing template version strings.
  • Bug 136754 - warning in editproduct.cgi if usebuggroups option is on.
  • Bug 137589 - fix test 4 not to hang on the “use CGI” in the template.
  • Bug 136506: work-around taint error on Perl 5.005.
  • bug 117718 - Mass Change removes a bugs groupset if the bug was in the wrong product group
  • Bug 125427 - Taint error in duplicates.cgi with perl < 5.6
  • Bug 137669: remove tags from attachment status lists
  • Bug 121247 - enter_bug comment templates. Template method for amalgamation of free-form enter_bug text fields into the description.
  • Bug 134198: Warns installations about Apache configuration issue with security ramifications.
  • Bug 92763 Add Windows XP as OS selection for entering/searching bugs
  • Bug 135666 Creating bugs: OS detection doesn’t work for Internet Explorer, Win NT 4. Adds Windows XP to the bugzilla OS list Activates the Windows XP detection (it was commented out waiting for this fix…) Makes Windows NT (4) detection match the pattern everything else used
  • Bug 129442 - make html of a default installation (mostly) HTML 4.01 transitional compliant Original
  • Bug 136751 - warnings with show_bug.cgi
  • Bug 110980 - no email to cc list when opening new bug
  • Bug 136227: Corrects syntax error in bash script.
  • Bug 125660: Templatizes process_bug.cgi.
  • Bug 119635 - templatise duplicates.cgi.
  • Byg 136003 - two extra spaces after every comment
  • Bug 133423 - Audit templates for FILTER usage
  • Bug 134575 - some scripts trying to make world writable directories
  • Bug 135815 - Regression on CGI.pl for link to showvotes.cgi.
  • Bug 135473 - Using back button after failure on attachment.cgi does not disable radio buttons when patch checkbox is checked.
  • Bug 135469 - missing version string (tree’s afire).
  • Bug 126456 - fix our error handling. Change the name of the functions to something more sane; a few enhancements.
  • bug 134562 - taint error in buglist.cgi
  • Bug 117760 - Templatise showvotes.cgi and incorporate doeditvotes.cgi.
  • Bug 124920 - Templatise post_bug.cgi.
  • Bug 126793 - templatise showdependencygraph.cgi.
  • Bug 135291: add version string to new templates and fix the string for non xml templates.
  • Bug 130373 - sorting by target milestone generated bogus error
  • Bug 127200 - query for cc takes long time
  • Bug 126883 - bugzilla.dtd isn’t quite correct
  • Partial fix for bug 104600: Adds “template/custom” to .cvsignore.
  • Bug 126456 - improve our error handling.
  • New version of bug writing guidelines - bug 131345. Written by Eli ([email protected]),
  • Bug 98658: Let administrator know which customised templates have been updated by Bugzilla team. Patch adds a version string to every template and a check in t/004template.t to check for version strings in templates. Note that two templates that were not included in the initial patch now have version strings added.
  • Bug 126801: Suppress display of secure products to users who are not authorized to access those products. Only matters for installations using the “product groups” feature.
  • Bug 124937 - templatise show_activity.cgi.
  • Bug 109528 - Can’t query for attachment status != value if patch has no statuses
  • Bug 82143 and bug 95594: Attempting to reverse dependencies falsely reported a circular dependency loop, and setting both the blocks and depends at the same time allowed a real dependency loop to be created.
  • Bug 120537 (b) - fix previous patch to not complain if there’s no .htaccess file.
  • Bug 132939 - “zarro bugs found” is no more
  • Remaining pieces of Bug 23067 from yesterday… no idea why the first commit didn’t pick these up.
  • Bug 107513: Makes it possible to change parameters on an installation where access to the scripts is not limited to the web server user.
  • Bug 133833. Error in templatized version of userprefs.cgi. Error with ExcludeSelf form variable being all lowercase.
  • Bug 23067: Allow the user to change their email address through the preferences. Sends out tokens in email to both addresses which have to be confirmed by the new address, and can be cancelled by the old one. Entering your password on the preferences page is required to initiate the process.
  • Bug 134465 - Don’t die() if the admin email address doesn’t match the regexp.
  • Better fix for bug 132929, buglist.cgi “long format” button doesn’t work.
  • Bug 133425: adding missing FILTERs in the template
  • Bug 92263: Don’t output SQL commands before the footer when syncshadowdb fails (only affects Bugzillas that are running shadow databases)
  • Bug 120537 - Allow the use of a local ‘dot’ binary to generate dependency graphs
  • Bug 133210 - typo in checksetup; uses $::params instead of $::param
  • Bug 133862 - bugzilla index page doesn’t focus text field
  • Bug 104589 - prevent user closing window from terminating Bugzilla scripts.
  • Bug 133425 - FILTERs and other fixes in show_bug.html.tmpl.
  • Bug 133200 - mass change removes dependencies.
  • Bug 133206 - mass change uses ‘severity’ rather than ‘bug_severity’.
  • Bug 133389: changing anything on a bug from the show_bug.cgi page would reset its component to the first in the product.
  • Bug 133372 - FILTER uri on milestone URL.
  • Fixes to small issues with show_bug.cgi templatisation. Bug 133276 - groups test is wrong.
  • Bug 133201 - js syntax error in show_bug
  • Bug 128419 - link to email preferences from bug changed notification is wrong
  • Bug 110012 - show_bug templatisation.
  • Bug 132634 - remove warning in reports.cgi when quips aren’t used.
  • Bug 131659 - need to fixPerms the css directory
  • Bug 131521 - Set $::ENV{PATH} so that we don’t get bogus 15 line warnings from perl 5.6.1’s Cwd.pm on every system() call.
  • Bug 132929 - buglist.cgi ‘long format’ button doesn’t work
  • Bug 106386 rid source of misspellings
  • Bug 118953 - incorrect message from checksetup.pl
  • Bug 92905 - perl error when editing user and no groups defined
  • Bug 131568: template/default/global/header validates HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Bug 103953 again = XHTML fixes.
  • Bug 129466 - use IP addr (not hostname) in logincookies table
  • Bug 126789 - templatise token.cgi.
  • Bug 97739: Confirms deletion of an attachment status in browsers with no-JS/JS-off.
  • Bug 103778: Rewrites and templatizes buglist.cgi.
  • Bug 130254 - Template params don’t have to exist, since they may be subject to interpolation. Ignore names with $ in them as a workaround
  • Bug 72184: prevents users from entering too-large comments/descriptions that get rejected by MySQL’s MAX_PACKET_SIZE restrictions.
  • Bug 129017 - perl error in apache log
  • Bug 129016: Corrects conditional operator.
  • Bug 128784: Eliminates redundant function call in userprefs.cgi.
  • Bug 106377 - processmail rescanall should use lastdiffed