28. July 2002

Bugzilla 2.16 Released

by Bugzilla Team

The Bugzilla Team is relieved and pleased to finally announce the release of Bugzilla 2.16, and also a new status update. The product of 11 months of hard work, Bugzilla 2.16 is the first release of Bugzilla to have a templatised UI, allowing administrators easily to customise the look and feel of their Bugzilla without editing Perl code.

There are no security fixes in 2.16 that were not in 2.16rc2 - but anyone running a version of Bugzilla older than that needs to read the 2.16rc2 and 2.14.2 security advisory and previous advisories. Bugzilla 2.16 is the best Bugzilla, and the Bugzilla team strongly recommends its use over all other versions.