02. November 2003

Bugzilla Status Update

by Christian Reis (kiko)


This status update covers the 6 months that have gone by since our last update. It’s been an interesting period in Bugzilla’s time, with a quite a few feature enhancements hitting the trunk and a significant number of external contributions being submitted.

To start off, we’d like to congratulate (and nudge ahead) Vlad Dascalu, Chuck Duvall and Mike Morgan who have been doing excellent work both on triage and on providing bugfixes. Independent contribution has always been the mainstay of Bugzilla development, so it’s really nice to see people volunteer the time and expertise that make this a great product. The lowest bug number fixed was bug 13540 – generalizing previously fixed terms such as “bug” – which was coaxed in by Jon Wilmoth. A number of others had first-time patches integrated, too, and we’d definitely like to see more good work from you all.

We’ve got a few security updates that have been covered in the security advisory simultaneously released. The bugs found and fixed are not critical – they are mainly leaks and minor privilege issues – but it’s always a good idea to update to the latest stable release. The bug fixes have also been applied to the development branch where relevant.

A number of interesting features have also been included (in the trunk); in particular, Gerv integrated a patch that provides partial email spam-proofing, which has always been one of the top requests on public installations. Gerv also landed an extension to Bugzilla which allows generating charts from Bugzilla-collected data. Another notable feature by the great John Keiser has been included: Patch Viewer, which is an complete (and integrated) diff-viewing tool. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the surprises, so read the sections below to find out what other goodies are in this month’s grab bag.

Note that (in tradition with previous updates, which have included a bit on this subject) Windows support (which implies being able to run a Bugzilla instance on a Windows web server) is still to be completed and integrated! We would really appreciate community assistance in fixing the remaining issues for Windows support.

We’d also like to remind all Bugzilla administrators that to assist them in keeping up-to-date with release announcements and security advisories, we provide an ultra-low-volume administrator mailing list ([email protected]). We advise all Bugzilla administrators to subscribe so they can keep up with important Bugzilla news.

New Releases

The Bugzilla Team is pleased to announce the 2.16.4 and 2.17.5 releases of Bugzilla.

  • The stable (2.16.4) release provides a number of bug fixes, including fixes for 4 security issues discovered since the 2.16.3 release. It is recommended that all production installations upgrade to 2.16.4 to make sure they get the fixes for these security bugs.
  • The development (2.17.5) release provides a large number of feature enhancements and bug fixes, including fixes for 3 security issues discovered since the 2.17.4 release. This release is a developers’ release and is not intended for production use.

We would like to remind all administrators running Bugzilla instances from the old 2.14 branch that this branch has been retired, and is no longer being supported actively by the team. We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest stable version to ensure security and proper operation.

New Features (on the Trunk)

A number of interesting new features are available for testing on our latest development release. The following items describe the most important of them, and the manifests towards the end of this document describe the full list of changes committed.

  • Patch Viewer: Viewing and reviewing patches in Bugzilla is often difficult due to lack of context, improper format and the inherent readability issues that raw patches present. Patch Viewer is an enhancement to Bugzilla designed to fix that by offering increased context, linking to sections, and integrating with Bonsai, LXR and CVS. (174942, 215268)
  • Term Customization: Formerly, the terms “bug” and “Bugzilla” were hard-coded into many places in the templates, which made localizing a Bugzilla instance to an organization’s terminology quite difficult. This change allows this localization to be done in a single template file; the localized terms are used in all subsequent templates. (13540)
  • Comment Reply Links: In Edit Bug, each bug comment now includes a convenient (reply) link that quotes the comment text into the textarea. This feature is only enabled in Javascript-capable browsers, but causes no inconvenience to other user agents. (207754)
  • Full-Text Search: It is now possible to query the Bugzilla database using full-text searching, which spans comments and summaries, and which searches for substrings and stem variations of the search term. (145588)
  • Email Address Munging: The fact that raw email addresses are displayed in Bugzilla makes it trivial for bots that spamharvest to spider through Bugzilla, in particular, through Bugzilla’s buglists. This change allows obscuring email addresses as they appear in the Bugzilla web pages. (120030, 219216)
  • Generic Charting: Bugzilla’s new charting feature allows you to display flexible summary charts, based on configurable data sets. (16009)

A couple of other features were checked into the trunk, notably prefilling of the default component owner when entering a new bug, a bug alias column in the buglist page, and a “view as buglist” link for the sanity check page.

A note to users upgrading to version 2.17.5: Bug 201816 changed header output to use CGI.pm, in a step towards enabling mod_perl compatibility. This change will affect users that had customized charsets in their CGI files: previously the charset had to be added everyplace that printed the Content-Type header; now it only needs changing in one spot, in Bugzilla/CGI.pm. Alternatively, Apache’s AddDefaultCharset directive can be used.

The Road to 2.18

An update from Dave Miller, Bugzilla project leader

Bugzilla 2.16 was released on July 29, 2002. It’s been just over 15 months since then, and we still don’t have a Bugzilla 2.18. What’s the deal? This is what I get asked quite frequently these days. I’m hoping to answer that question here.

The usual way stable Bugzilla releases get planned is that we decide on a feature set that we want to have available in the next version, and then development plugs away until those features are completed. Shortly after version 2.16 came out, several of us sat down and hashed out a list of things that we thought would fit in that list for version 2.18. In hindsight, the list that we came up with turned out to be a bit much to handle. It didn’t look so bad at the time, and in fact I don’t think we “overbooked” ourselves, not if everyone’s lives had continued as they had been at that time.

What ended up happening is that a large percentage of the core contributors wound up having job changes that eliminated much of the time they used to spend on Bugzilla. We went several months with very little development actually happening. With the lack of available developers in mind, and a desire to get 2.18 out the door as soon as we could and still be able to call it “stable” in good conscience, the list of goals for version 2.18 was revisited, and significantly pared down.

We now have 2 remaining goals that have yet to be completed for version 2.18.

  • Full templatization of the Administrative interfaces (the edit*.cgi files)
  • Out-of-the-box Win32 compatibility

Many of the other items that had been on the list (such as support for PostgreSQL and Sybase, and admin-definable customized fields) will still be taken if they get completed by then, but will no longer hold up the release if they aren’t completed.

Things are getting better! The “dire situation” I painted above seems to be abating. As Christian pointed out in his introduction above, we have several new folks contributing on a regular basis. Also, my second-in-command, Myk Melez, is now employed by the Mozilla Foundation as of last month, with continued development of the entire Mozilla Webtools Suite (which includes Bugzilla) now being his primary job responsibility. In short, the future of Bugzilla once again looks very bright!

Upcoming Features

This section lists major new features that are planned for the next releases. If you would like to help out – many of these features need either planning, coding, or testing – or just figure what the current status is on one of these items, check out the parenthesized bug links.

  • Ability to send email via SMTP instead of relying on a local installation of sendmail. (Bug 84876)
  • PostgreSQL support. (Bug 98304)
  • Sybase support. (Bug 173130)
  • Ability to add generic customized fields to bugs. (Bug 91037)
  • Customised resolutions, that allow adding, removing, deactivating and renaming of resolutions. (Bug 94534)
  • Expanding e-mail preferences to allow watching components, keywords, etc. (Bug 73665)
  • mod_perl support. (Bug 87406)
  • New makefile-based installation system. (Bug 104660, Bug 105854, Bug 105855, and Bug 105856)
  • Wiki integration. (Bug 102685)

Apart from work on Bugzilla itself, Mike Morgan has started work on redesigning the Bugzilla website to a standards-compliant version that matches mozilla.org’s new look-and-feel. This is already underway, and we should be seeing a beta site up shortly.

Trunk Checkins Since the Last Status Update

The following is a list of specific bugs fixed (and their checkin messages) since the last Bugzilla status report. It is ordered by the checkin date as rendered by Bonsai. It includes checkins on the trunk from 2003/04/25 to 2003/11/02. This list was generated by filtering Bonsai’s output on that query.

Checkins that don’t refer to a specific bug number have been omitted, and were a significant minority. Bold italic bugs are security-sensitive bugs.

Checkin manifest:

  • Bug 209742 - describecomponents.cgi displays products for which the user can’t enter bugs
  • Bug 219044 - MySQL injection vulnerability in editkeywords.cgi
  • Bug 209376 - Can access summary for secure bug if its been voted on.
  • Bug 210735 - collectstats.pl broken. Removes “uninitialised value” warning.
  • Bug 224397 - Mismatch of user error: insufficient_privs vs insufficient_perms;
  • Bug 123565 - Add to FAQ: Why can’t I close bugs from “Change Several Bugs at Once” ?
  • Bug 190611 - Query page crashes if any product has no versions defined
  • Bug 220724 - Provide standalone bug submission program. Includes a python script that submits bugs to a specified Bugzilla instance.
  • Bug 216707 - Add user documentation for Patch Viewer
  • Bug 224218 - Fix wrong version in administration.xml
  • Bug 216703 - Need PatchReader note in install docs
  • Bug 217219 - Messages in votes errors are incorrectly CHOMP’d
  • Bug 223937 - web site error while updating email address
  • Bug 47925 - describe MOVED resolution in bug_status.html
  • Bug 67663 - globals.pl and CGI.pl emit “subroutine redefined” messages.
  • Bug 221039 - Separating knob in edit.html.tmpl.
  • Bug 111522 - Provide ability to specify MIME type of attachment when downloading.
  • Bug 223854 - masscc on change several bugs doesn’t honor usermatchmode
  • Bug 222204 - A mailto: link for the reporter would be very useful
  • Bug 221900 - duplicates.cgi query fails if more than one product selected
  • Bug 223093 - correcting the title on “perldoc Bugzilla::Auth::DB”
  • Bug 201294 - showdependencygraph.cgi now uses the global IsOpenedState() sub instead of its own list of which states are open.
  • Bug 218386 - add ‘view-source:’ to the link of URL protocols which automatically get hyperlinked in comments.
  • Bug 208647 - Fixes taint error in add new products code.
  • Bug 183788 - make request mail go out when a request is created and there’s no requestee but there is a cc: list
  • Bug 178624 - checksetup.pl needs to be run after copying templates to the custom directory.
  • Bug 215051 - Document the language auto-chooser.
  • Bug 218977 - “Table ‘namedqueries’ was not locked with LOCK TABLES” on ThrowUserError(‘product_edit_denied’).
  • Bug 221977 - Insecure dependency in require while running with -T switch at Bugzilla/Auth.pm
  • Bug 108528 - knob is not a defined error message and it does not help a user find the error
  • Bug 222566 - Fixing wording on enter_bug.cgi when using the create-guided template
  • Bug 108528 - knob is not defined doesn’t explain to 2001110503 users what to do
  • Bug 220034 - empty form after changing bug details
  • Bug 221391 - Bugzilla Quickstart guide could exist. Provide a QUICKSTART file, and alter README slightly to point to it.
  • Bug 219724 - typo in URL in section 4.2.5 of the guide.
  • Bug 213384 - shutdownhtml login bypass via editparams.cgi is broken under suexec.
  • Bug 220183 - post_bug.cgi could allow setting the status_whiteboard attribute. Added “status_whiteboard” to parsed attribute list.
  • Bug 221264 - Making no changes shouldn’t affect Last modified
  • Bug 219086 - use method=”post” on the “My Votes” page to submit changes to votes
  • Bug 65316 - Typos on edit*.cgi. Change use of PutTrailer() (and the default output, in certain cases) in the edit pages.
  • Bug 76157 - Give proper error message on non-numeric sortkey when editing milestones.
  • Bug 219659 - Misleading wording describing severity “blocker” on Bugzilla Helper form.
  • Bug 152748 - Make lack of sidebar support suggest Mozilla instead of Netscape as an upgrade.
  • Bug 177449 - When changing email address, old email address confirmation was case sensitive
  • Bug 129315 - incorrect column definition for bugs.delta_ts; adds ‘not null’ constraint
  • Bug 219216 - Javascript improperly using FILTER html instead of FILTER js causing data with @ produced by javascript to show up as &#64.
  • Bug 218569 - Clean up reporting UI.
  • Bug 219170 - single letter s missing on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/bug_status.html
  • Bug 180257 - incorrect padding around words on “cancel email address change” page
  • Bug 208699 - Move Throw{Code,Template}Error into Error.pm.
  • Bug 120030 - Bugzilla bug lists are a spammer’s paradise.
  • Bug 215918 - All graphs that show numeric value on x-axis are useless and misleading. We now sort numerical fields numerically.
  • Bug 169354 - add “Windows Server 2003” - OS
  • Bug 217632 - Remove @@@ comment from message.html.tmpl.
  • Bug 218523 - undefined warning in query.cgi.
  • Bug 218515 - fix tree bustage from bug 207044.
  • Bug 207044 - Filter more template directives. None of these are security bugs, but they need fixing anyway.
  • Bug 145588 - adds full-text search option for more accurate finding of individual bugs via words that appear in their descriptions/comments/summaries.
  • Bug 215729 - “Column ‘value’ cannot be null” trying to upgrade chart data.
  • Bug 217422 - “0” was missing in “votes: 0” (MySQL 4 compatibility)
  • Bug 165366 - When editparams is used to shutdown Bugzilla, provide a link back to editparams
  • Bug 65383 - Clean up milestone prefs - currmilestone and nummilestones are obsolete
  • Bug 190040 - sanitycheck now has “view as buglist” links after lists of bugs as well as all listed bugs linked
  • Bug 217242 - CheckIfVotedConfirmed tripped Table ‘fielddefs’ was not locked with LOCK TABLES [for statement ``SELECT fieldid FROM fielddefs WHERE name = ‘bug_status’’’]
  • Bug 207754 - It should be possible to produce a quoted reply to a comment. Adds a reply link that uses JS to paste in a quoted comment into the comment textarea.
  • Bug 199502 - It’s possible to take down Bugzilla by changing the languages param
  • Bug 213577 - New reporting imports old series with wrong status query.
  • Bug 217485 - displays query in the “please wait” server push page if the “debug” parameter is set in the URL.
  • Bug 217256 - “No Interdiff Notification message has two run on words.” Patch adds newlines where they are needed.
  • Bug 217029 - creates appropriate date string if string is empty now that Date::Parse 2.27 doesn’t do it for us auto-magically.
  • Bug 217103 - page.cgi passes the correct pathname prefix in the correct place, so it actually works now.
  • Bug 160422 - If data/versioncache is not readable, pretend it’s expired and rebuild it.
  • Bug 192385 - Bug ID wordwrapped in change-several-bugs page if window was narrow
  • Bugs 171127 and 192512 - bug_email.pl was still using the old groups system and also the old outgoing mail system. This patch brings it up to date.
  • Bug 139011 - Improve buglist colors further.
  • bug 215268 - Check for PatchReader as a part of the installation and disable the “Diff” links if it is not there.
  • Bug 216019 - Change various sentences in BugMail.pm
  • Bug 215962 - Missing {} around implied hash reference in params to ThrowUserError.
  • Bug 204560 - display alias in long listing.
  • Bug 212095 - checksetup.pl gets confused by newer DBD::mysql quoting of table values.
  • Bug 120030 - adds template filter for obscuring email addresses.
  • Bug 214558 - Don’t spew “which: program not found” errors all the time
  • Bug 174942 - Patch Viewer, a pretty way of viewing and manipulating patches. Requires PatchIterator to be installed, classes uploaded to that bug and will be soon in CPAN.
  • Bug 153583 - Links to obsoleted attachment should use line-through style
  • Bug 211435 - Fix “Table ‘namedqueries’ was not locked with LOCK TABLES” error.
  • Bug 206558 - What happened when multiple items were selected on a multi-select box wasn’t clear.
  • Bug 183898 - checksetup.pl doesn’t accepts admin passwords with dots.
  • Bug 213079 - When severity or priority are hidden, CSS class names are incomplete in buglist.
  • Bug 98147 - disables “View All Attachments” link if there are no attachments to view.
  • Bug 178935 - Eliminating the “Add another user” link on the confirmation screen after editing a user if the user doing the editing doesn’t have permission to add users.
  • Bug 213085 - importxml.pl tries to convert qa_contact from a name to an ID when it’s already an ID
  • Bug 147480 - Lack of newlines when asking for password in checksetup.pl.
  • Bug 82172 - Don’t allow empty bug summaries.
  • Bug 95759 - localconfig.js contains strings of equals signs (===).
  • Bug 207206 - doeditparams.cgi XHTML compatibility.
  • Bug 122365 - Allow installation definable LDAP filters.
  • Bug 204798 - Total in graph report is incorrect.
  • Bug 203444 - Add request for about:buildconfig to Bugzilla Helper.
  • Bug 212361 - Additional Comments date had month and day swapped in bug change emails
  • Bug 185066 - The OS “BSDI” should be “BSD/OS”… Patch changes the default in localconfig; admins will have to change existing installations manually.
  • Bug 107580 - Add space to front of “New:” designator on bugmail so it will always sort before changed mails in an alphabetical subject listing in user mailboxes.
  • Bug 211758 - checksetup.pl was trying to use params that didn’t exist yet because it was loading Bugzilla::Series at compile time (use). Now pulls in Bugzilla::Series at runtime (require) after initializing the params.
  • Bug 13540 - allow key terms, like “Bugzilla” and “bug”, to be altered without changing all the templates.
  • Bug 194347 - Updating MacOS X hints to specify that the GD patch is no longer required (when using the gd2 package) and also recommend using fink to install expat.
  • Bug 211126 - As a part of fixing bug 180642 the directions for using LDAP authentication has changed.
  • Bug 211127 - use proper path to Perl.
  • Bug 201955 - The method for specifying a charset has changed now that we use CGI.pm for header output (bug 201816).
  • Bug 206498 - Add a warning that Bugzilla upgrades are irreversible and that backups should be made.
  • Bug 210248 - Missing “my” in SMTP code for win32 instructions.
  • Bug 193575 - Internal server error from votes.cgi.
  • Bug 16009 - generic charting.
  • Bug 204631 - enhances config.cgi to generate a list of queryable fields so third-party clients can populate search forms with the list.
  • Bug 210324 - s/->err/->error/.
  • Bug 77192 - MOVED is not handled properly on queryhelp.cgi.
  • Bug 207096 - minor spelling fixes for Bugzilla/Search.pm
  • Bug 208620 - Fix return value of Bugzilla->login when user already exists.
  • Bug 208583 - Remove PerformSubsts from templates.
  • Bug 205463 - Tokens aren’t canceled after a successful login.
  • Bug 180635 - Enhance Bugzilla::User to store additional information
  • Bug 207085 - Updating a stored query shouldn’t return the same message as creating one
  • Bug 37749 - query for changes to specific field in last n days not working. Rearrange time-based query UI to be more sane.
  • Bug 84876 - Mentioned the wrong bug number, also making it a link.
  • Bug 145965 - Mention the sendmail -> SMTP change for Bugzilla on win32
  • Bug 199129 - Replace installation list w/a link to the installation list on the web page
  • Bug 191034 - Making the installation chapter a little more generic. Replaced a lot of OS Specific hints with links to the OS Specific section.
  • Bug 204724 - ExcludeSelf doesn’t work with an email containing capital letters.
  • Bug 195977 - Add ability to show alias column in buglist
  • Bug 203314 - Clean up 's, links to bugs and extra spaces in sentences.
  • Bug 204592 - invalid column name error.
  • Bug 204964 - Make attachment view work again.
  • Bug 190864 - Fix ordering of ‘ and > that I thought I had done earlier.
  • Bug 203867 - Add regular expression references to glossary.
  • Bug 201816 - use CGI.pm for header output
  • Bug 204104 - internal error in Search.pm when searching for invalid keywords/email.
  • Bug 204008 - checksetup.pl didn’t set permissions on the js directory
  • Bug 72837 - a script that generates configuration information for a Bugzilla installation.
  • Bug 200198 - user-error.html.tmpl’s use [% changedsince %] instead of $changedsince
  • Bug 195607 - Minimum width code gets it wrong.
  • Bug 197171 - report.cgi: Use of uninitialized value in numeric lt.
  • Bug 180086 - Rename ‘count’ column in votes tables.
  • Bug 203540 - RenameField doesn’t get NULL/NOT NULL correct.
  • Bug 202463 - prefill ‘assign to’ with default component owner.
  • Bug 203080 - New version of LDAP to Bugzilla account sync script.
  • Bug 203318 - 008filter.t fails to do chdir $topdir - if @Support::Templates::include_paths returns more than one path
  • Bug 203160 - mod_throttle has a new URL.

Stable (2.16) Branch Checkins Since the Last Status Update

The following is a list of specific bugs fixed (and their checkin messages) since the last Bugzilla status report. It is ordered by the checkin date as rendered by Bonsai. It includes checkins on the branch from 2003/04/25 to 2003/10/30. This list was generated by filtering Bonsai’s output on that query (with some manual adjustments).

Very few checkins were made without reference to any specific bugs, mainly test bustage fixes and documentation updates. Bold italic bugs are security-sensitive bugs.

Checkin manifest:

  • Bug 219690 - When deleting products and usebuggroups is set, blessgroupset is not updated
  • Bug 219044 - MySQL injection vulnerability in editkeywords.cgi
  • Bug 209376 - Can access summary for secure bug if its been voted on.
  • Bug 214290 - collectstats.pl does not add 's to SQL queries for quotes”.
  • Bug 123565 - Add to FAQ: Why can’t I close bugs from “Change Several Bugs at Once” ?
  • Bug 223937 - web site error while updating email address
  • Bug 178624 - checksetup.pl needs to be run after copying a template to the custom directory.
  • Bug 220332 - Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch at process_bug.cgi line 1267
  • Bug 221626 - Fix for Mozilla-specific report template.
  • Bug 219724 - typo in URL in section 4.2.5 of the guide.
  • Bug 213384 - shutdownhtml login bypass via editparams.cgi is broken under suexec.
  • Bug 219508 - processmail rescanall would not send e-mails about more than one bug to the same address
  • Bug 217422 - “0” is missing in “votes: 0” (MySQL 4 Compatibility)
  • Bug 160422 - If versioncache isn’t readable, pretend it doesn’t exist and recreate it. This tends to happen after cron jobs run as a user other than the webserver.
  • Bug 177828 - Fixes taint warning from post_bug with perl 5.8
  • Bug 212095 - DBD::mysql versions after 2.1026 return the table list quoted, which broke the existing “table exists” check.
  • Bug 146087 - ‘sendmailnow’ should be on by default.
  • Bug 190864 - Fix the ordering of the ‘ and >.
  • Bug 203318 - 008filter.t fails to do chdir $topdir - if @Support::Templates::include_paths returns more than one path
  • Bug 203160 - mod_throttle has a new URL

Conclusion and Credits

Well, that’s it for this status update. We’d like to thank everybody who submitted a patch, helpful comment or bug to Bugzilla – it’s very much appreciated, even when everybody’s too busy to stop and say “great work”; we always mean it! Let’s work together to make 2.18 the killer release we all want it to be.

[Christian: I should also really mention Paul Reed, who (apart from preparing many of our previous status updates) provided the bug manifests for this one – no, actually, I stole them!]