20. February 2006

Release of Bugzilla 2.22rc1, 2.20.1, 2.18.5 and 2.16.11

by Bugzilla Team

The Bugzilla Project is proud to announce our first Release Candidate for Bugzilla 2.22. Bugzilla 2.22 will be a major new feature release for Bugzilla, containing a large number of bug fixes and enhancements, including complete PostgreSQL support, UTF-8 support, user-impersonation capabilities, and many more features. Also see the draft Release Notes for 2.22.

We are also releasing our first bug-fix release for the 2.20 series, 2.20.1. All users of the 2.20 series are highly recommended to upgrade to 2.20.1, as it contains many improvements and fixes to the 2.20 branch.

There are also two security releases, 2.18.5 and 2.16.11.

Please note that this is very likely the final release on the 2.16 branch. After Bugzilla 2.22 is released, there will be no more security updates from the Bugzilla Project for the 2.16 branch.