22. April 2006

Release of Bugzilla 2.22 (also 2.20.2 and 2.23.1)

by Bugzilla Team

The Bugzilla Project is proud to announce the official release of Bugzilla 2.22. Bugzilla 2.22 is a major new feature release for Bugzilla, containing a large number of bug fixes and enhancements, including complete PostgreSQL support, UTF-8 support, user-impersonation capabilities, and more.

We are also releasing Bugzilla 2.20.2, a bug-fix release for the 2.20 branch, recommended for all 2.20 branch users.

We also have a development snapshot, Bugzilla 2.23.1, the branch which will someday be released as 2.24 or 3.0. This snapshot is not tested, and should only be installed in a test environment. It’s entirely possible that it contains a bug which will delete your entire bug database. Or, it could be perfectly safe. Since it hasn’t been tested, nobody knows for sure. You Have Been Warned.