15. October 2006

Release of Bugzilla 2.18.6, 2.20.3, 2.22.1, and 2.23.3

by Bugzilla Team

We have many releases for you, today:

  • Bugzilla 2.18.6 and Bugzilla 2.20.3 are security-fix releases for our older branches. (Bugzilla 2.20.3 also contains some non-security bug fixes.)
  • Bugzilla 2.22.1 is our first bug-fix release in the 2.22 series, and contains many useful fixes that improve the experience of using Bugzilla.
  • Finally, we are releasing an unstable development snapshot, Bugzilla 2.23.3. This snapshot has both custom fields and mod_perl support, but has not been tested as thoroughly as our other releases. The 2.23 series will eventually culminate in Bugzilla 3.0.

Also, read our latest Status Update to find out what’s going on with the Bugzilla Project, and learn about all the new features in our latest development snapshot!

Users of the 2.18.x series should note that 2.18.x will reach End Of Life when Bugzilla 3.0 is released. There are more details in the Status Update.