09. May 2007

Status Update

by Max Kanat-Alexander (mkanat)

Introduction and Updates

After quite a bit of work, we’ve released Bugzilla 3.0! You can go read the release announcement for more details.

There’s also various other interesting news in Bugzilla land, see below for details.

About Bugzilla 3.0

Bugzilla 3.0 is very stable–we’ve had a long stabilizing cycle, 3.0rc1 got a lot of testing, and this release has been through our extensive QA process.

It has lots of new features. And, of course, we think you should read the release notes, because hey, they’re really useful! (And I spent a lot of time working on them!) (They’re even in HTML now, which is pretty cool.)

Future Releases

We’ve already done a lot of hacking away in terms of rearchitecture and adding new features toward 3.1, so 3.2 should be a very exciting release.

In general, having a good QA process has made us have to release far fewer bug-fix releases. The 2.22 series has been extremely stable, and so we expect the 3.0 series to be extremely stable as well.

Roadmap for Bugzilla 3.2

We have a roadmap for Bugzilla 3.2 that goes over the major new features we’d like to implement for 3.2. As you can see, there are a lot of new features there, and we’d love any help that we can get!

Development Schedule for 3.2

By our standard schedule, development for Bugzilla 3.2 enters a “soft freeze” on August 21 (where we don’t accept new feature patches, but we will work on finishing up bugs that we currently have in progress), and a “hard freeze” (where we don’t accept any new features) on September 4.

The more contributors we get, particularly in the area of Release and QA, the faster we can get this release out when it’s ready!

EOL of Bugzilla 2.18

We sent out the EOL announcement for Bugzilla 2.18, so users of Bugzilla 2.18 or 2.18.x should now all know that there won’t be any new releases in the 2.18 series, even if there are security bugs discovered in a 2.18 release.

We recommend that all Bugzilla 2.18 users upgrade to 3.0, at their earliest convenience. Upgrade instructions are in the Bugzilla 3.0 Release Notes.

Updated “Features” Page

For a while, the features page had been out-of-date, reflecting the features of Bugzilla 2.18. Now it’s fully up-to-date with all of the features of Bugzilla 3.0, and it’s pretty impressive! If you need help “selling” Bugzilla at your organization, feel free to point people at the updated features page!

T-Shirt for 3000th Announce List Subscriber

We sent a free Bugzilla t-shirt to the 3000th subscriber to our announcement list, Rich Gibbs. 3000 subscribers to the announce list shows a huge increase in the number of subscribers in just the past year. Despite there being more and more bug-trackers on the market, Bugzilla is still gaining in popularity!

Stay Updated About Bugzilla

As usual, we’d like to remind all Bugzilla administrators that to assist them in keeping up-to-date with release announcements and security advisories, we provide an ultra-low-volume administrator mailing list ([email protected]). We advise all Bugzilla administrators to subscribe so they can keep up with important Bugzilla announcements.

Those looking to get involved with Bugzilla development may want to consider joining the developers list ([email protected]). This list offers discussion on new features and issues. Developers are invited to subscribe to the list. You may also want to read our Contributor’s Guide.

Bugzilla Meetings

Come to our meetings every month! Anybody is welcome to attend who is interested in helping out with the Bugzilla Project, or just anybody who wants to put in their two cents on how development should go.

You can learn more about the meetings at the wiki page about Bugzilla Meetings.