04. May 2008

Release of Bugzilla 3.0.4, 3.1.4, 2.22.4 and 2.20.6

by Bugzilla Team

Today we have four Bugzilla releases! Read below and in our Status Update for details!

Security Advisory

All of these releases contain security fixes, and so you should definitely upgrade if you are affected by the fixed vulnerabilities. Read the Security Advisory for more details.


Bugzilla 3.0.4 is the latest stable release of Bugzilla. It contains several bug fixes and minor improvements over 3.0.3. Any installation currently running any 3.0.x version is encouraged to upgrade to 3.0.4.


Bugzilla 3.1.4 is our latest development release. It is considerably more stable than 3.1.3, but is still not recommended for production environments. Use this release at your own risk.

2.22.4 and 2.20.6

Bugzilla 2.22.4 and Bugzilla 2.20.6 are security-fix releases for the 2.22 and 2.20 series. If you are using any 2.22 or 2.20 version, we strongly recommend you update to these versions.