15. February 2011

Release of Bugzilla 4.0!

by Bugzilla Team

Today the Bugzilla Project is extremely proud to announce the release of Bugzilla 4.0, the most exciting new version of Bugzilla in our history.

Following on the heels of Bugzilla 3.6, Bugzilla 4.0 brings many fantastic new features and user interface improvements, including:

  • A fully-redesigned Advanced Search page
  • Automatic duplicate detection when filing bugs
  • Drop-down autocomplete for every field that accepts a user name or email address
  • Full control and retrieval of bugs via the WebService, including updating existing bugs
  • Redesigned home page icons from J. Pink Design
  • Numerous usability improvements
  • and much, much moreā€¦

Compared to Bugzilla 3.0, which we released in 2007, Bugzilla 4.0 is a tremendous leap forward, with almost all the rough edges polished off, a huge number of new features, and almost every UI updated and improved.

Bugzilla 4.0 is our best release ever, and we hope that you enjoy and appreciate the results of these last several months of hard work by our entirely-volunteer community.

EOL for 3.2.x

Please note that the release of Bugzilla 4.0 also marks End Of Life for the Bugzilla 3.2 series, meaning that there will be no further updates for the 3.2.x series, even if there are serious security issues found in that series. We recommend that all installations running the 3.2 series upgrade as soon as possible to 4.0.