13. March 2011

Release of Bugzilla 4.1.1

by Bugzilla Team

Bugzilla 4.1.1 is our first unstable development release toward 4.2. Please test it and give us feedback! We are still relatively early in the development cycle for 4.2, so this is the ideal time to tell us if you want some feature to work significantly differently.

This release has not received QA testing from the Bugzilla Project, and should not be used in production environments. Development releases exist as previews of the features that the next major release of Bugzilla will contain. They also exist for testing purposes, to collect bug reports and feedback, so if you find a bug in this development release (or you don’t like how some feature works) please tell us.

For details on what’s new in this development release and what’s going on with the Bugzilla Project, see our latest Bugzilla Update.