22. February 2012

Release of Bugzilla 4.2 and 4.0.5

by Bugzilla Team

Today the Bugzilla Project is extremely proud to announce the release of Bugzilla 4.2!

It has been a year since we released Bugzilla 4.0 in February of 2011, and this new major release comes with several new features and improvements. This release contains major improvements to search, support for SQLite, improved WebServices, and lots of other enhancements.

We hope that you enjoy and appreciate the results of this past year of hard work by our entirely-volunteer community.

All of today’s releases contain security fixes. We recommend that all Bugzilla administrators read the Security Advisory that was published along with these releases.

Bugzilla 4.0.5 is a security update for the 4.0 branch:

4.2 only available using bzr / No CVS mirror available

Bugzilla 4.2 is our first stable release to be only available using bzr (Bazaar). This means you cannot use CVS anymore to upgrade to or install 4.2. The 4.0 branch is the last branch available on CVS, meaning you can still upgrade to 4.0.5 using CVS (or bzr). For more information, check the Download page.

EOL for 3.4.x

Please note that the release of Bugzilla 4.2 also marks End Of Life for the Bugzilla 3.4 series, meaning that there will be no further updates for the 3.4.x series, even if there are serious security issues found in that series. We recommend that all installations running the 3.4 series upgrade as soon as possible to 4.2.