21. April 2015

VCS updates: bzr moving, cvs ending

by Mark Côté (mcote)

At the Bugzilla project meeting on 2015-03-25 the project lead and assistant leads agreed on two major changes to Bugzilla’s source-code hosting:

  1. CVS support is officially dropped as of now. 4.0 is the last version that was released on CVS, and it will be EOLed when 5.0 comes out (very soon; rc3 was just released). In the event of a release on the 4.0 branch before it is EOLed, any Bugzilla installations that have not migrated to bzr or git will have to apply patches to upgrade, which will continue to be distributed as usual. Bugzilla site admins are strongly encouraged to migrate to pulling from git.mozilla.org as soon as possible.
  2. Bazaar hosting has been officially switched from bzr.mozilla.org to bzr.bugzilla.org. bzr.bugzilla.org is already active and syncing changes from git.mozilla.org. bzr.mozilla.org is no longer syncing changes and will soon be shut down. Any sites upgrading from bzr.mozilla.org must do one of the following to apply any future upgrades, in order of preference:

bzr.bugzilla.org will continue to mirror changes from git.mozilla.org for the 4.0, 4.2, and 4.4 branches as long as they are supported. Note that, at the moment, master/trunk is being mirrored as well, but no other branches, including and subsequent to 5.0, will be mirrored to bzr.bugzilla.org, and trunk mirroring may cease at any time.

Note that bzr.bugzilla.org is waiting on a proper certificate; please use plain http until this is resolved.

The Bugzilla team apologizes for any inconvenience. Please see our support options if you have trouble migrating.

Mark Côté

Assistant Project Lead, Bugzilla