22. December 2015

Release of Bugzilla 5.0.2, 4.4.11, and 4.2.16

by Bugzilla Team

Today we have several new releases for you!

All of today’s releases contain two security fixes. We recommend that all Bugzilla administrators read the Security Advisory that was published along with these releases.

Bugzilla 5.0.2 is our latest stable release. It contains various useful bug fixes and security improvements:

Bugzilla 4.4.11 is a security update for the 4.4 branch:

Bugzilla 4.2.16 is a security update for the 4.2 branch:

EOL for 4.2.x

With this release, Bugzilla 4.2 is now end-of-lifed. This means no fixes of any kind will be issued for Bugzilla 4.2 from today onwards. All Bugzilla admins are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Bugzilla, especially those running 4.2 or earlier.