Bugzilla Reviewers

This is a list of who to ask for review. You may ask any reviewer to review any change to any file, but they may defer it to another reviewer if they do not feel qualified.

The following is a list of all people currently authorized to approve/deny review on patches.

All changes to this list must be approved by Dave Miller.

Name Bugzilla User ID
Dave Lawrence [email protected]
Teemu Mannermaa [email protected]
Gervase Markham [email protected]
Dave Miller [email protected]

Become a Reviewer!

Think you’d make a good reviewer? With the rapidly-growing Bugzilla community, we’re increasingly needing good reviewers. We generally require that you’ve submitted some patches of your own so that we can tell you know what you’re doing. If you are interested, contact Dave Miller, Bugzilla Project Manager, and let him know you’d like to help out. If Dave agrees that you’re ready to become a reviewer, you will be added to this page. You may be asked to spend some more time developing and submitting patches, so we can get to know you better first.