Release Notes

2.14.1 Release Notes

Bugzilla 2.14.1 is now available for download.  For details of upgrade
options and download locations see https://www.bugzilla.org/download.html

If you already have a version of Bugzilla 2.15 that was checked out of CVS,
please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION, but use 'cvs update' to pull in these
fixes.  Bugzilla 2.14.1 does not contain most of the code currently in CVS,
but is only patches that have been back-ported to the 2.14 code base in
order to seal security holes.


Bugs referenced in the following text are bug numbers on

The 2.14.1 release fixes several security issues that became known to us after 
the Bugzilla 2.14 release. Please see the upgrade procedure below for details 
on how to upgrade to 2.14.1.

*** Bugs fixed in 2.14.1 ***

Bugzilla user account hijacking exploits:

Bug 54901: If LDAP Authentication was being used, Bugzilla would allow you
to log in as anyone if you left the password blank.

Bug 108385: It was possible to add comments as someone else by editing the
HTML on the show_bug.cgi page before submitting the form.User identity is
checked now, and the form values suggesting the username are now ignored.

Bug 108516: It was possible to file a bug as someone else by editing the
HTML on enter_bug.cgi before submitting the form. User identity is now
checked and the form values giving user ID are now ignored.

Bugzilla account security:

Bug 102141: The Product popup menu on the show_bug form listed all
products, even if the user didn't have access to all of them. It now only
shows products the user has access to (and the product the bug is in, if
the user is viewing it because of some other override)

Bug 108821: If you had any blessgroupset privs (the ability to change only
specific privileges for other users), it was possible to change your own
groupset (privileges) by altering the page HTML before submitting on

Untrusted variables:

Bug 98146: An untrusted variable was echoed back to user in the HTML output
if there was a login error while editing votes.

Arbitrary SQL execution:

Bug 108812: buglist.cgi had an undocumented parameter that allowed you to
pass arbitrary SQL for the "WHERE" part of a query. This has been disabled.

Bug 108822: It was possible for a user to send arbitrary SQL by inserting
single quotes in the "mybugslink" field in the user preferences.

Bug 109679: buglist.cgi was not validating that the field names being
passed from the "boolean chart" query form were valid field names, thus
allowing arbitrary SQL to be inserted if you edited the HTML by hand before
submitting the form.

Bug 109690: long_list.cgi was not validating that the bug ID parameter was
actually a number, allowing arbitrary SQL to be inserted if you edited the
HTML by hand.

Recommended Practice For The Upgrade

As always, please ensure you have ran checksetup.pl after
replacing the files in your installation.

If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.14, it is
recommended that you view the sanity check page
(sanitycheck.cgi) both before the upgrade and after running
checksetup.pl after the upgrade, to see if there are any
problems with your installation.  Of course, it doesn't hurt
to run it on occasion anyway.

It is also recommended that if you can, you immediately fix
any problems you find. Be aware that if the sanity check page
contains more errors after an upgrade, it doesn't necessarily
mean there are more errors in your database, as it is likely
they weren't being checked for in the old version.

Administrators must make sure that certain files are
inaccessible or confidential information might become
available to enterprising individuals. This includes the
localconfig file and the entire data directory. Please
see the Bugzilla Guide (in the docs/ directory of the bugzilla
tree) for more information.

*** Information on the 2.14 release ***

If you are upgrading from a release earlier than 2.14, you 
may find it helpful to know about these changes new to 2.14 and 


- Bugzilla 2.14 no longer supports old email tech. Upon
upgrading, all users will be moved over to new email tech.
This should speed up upgrading for installations with
a large number of bugs.
(bug 71552)

- There is new functionality for people to see why they are
receiving notification mails.

Previously, some people filtered old email tech
notifications depending on whether they were in the To or the
CC header, in order to get a limited way of determining why
they were receiving the notification for filtering purposes.

Existing installations will need to make changes to support
this feature.The receive reasons can be added to the
notifications as a header and/or in the body.To add these
you will need to modify your newchangedmail parameter on
editparams.cgi, either by resetting it or appropriately
modifying it.The header value is specified by
%reasonsheader% and the body by %reasonsbody%.For example,
the new default parameter is:

From: bugzilla-daemon
To: %to%
Subject: [Bug %bugid%] %neworchanged%%summary%
X-Bugzilla-Reason: %reasonsheader%




(bug 26194)

- Very long fields (especially multi-valued fields like keywords,
CCs, dependencies) on bug activity and notifications previously
could get truncated, resulting in useless notifications and data
loss on bug activity.Now the multi-valued fields only show
changes, and very big changes are split into multiple lines.
Where data loss has already occurred on bug activity, it is
indicated using question marks.
(bug 55161, 92266)

- Previously, when a product's voting preferences changed all
votes were removed from all the bugs in the product.Also,
when a bug was moved to another product, all of its votes
were removed.This no longer occurs.

Instead, if the action would leave one or more bugs with
greater than the maximum number of votes per person per bug,
the number of votes will be reduced to the maximum.The
person will still be notified of this as before.

 If the action would leave a user with more votes in a product
 than is allowed, the limit will be breached so as to not lose
 votes.However the user will not be able to update their
 votes except to fix this situation.No further action is taken
 in this version to make sure that the user does this.
 (bug 28882, 92593)

 *** Other changes of note ***
 - Groups can now be marked inactive, so you can't add a new
 restriction on that group to a bug, while leaving bugs that
 were previously restricted on that group alone.
 (bug 75482)
 - backdoor.cgi has been removed from the installation.It was
 old code that was Netscape-specific and its name was scaring
 (bug 87983)
 - You can now add or remove from CC on the bulk change page.
 (bug 12819)
 - New users created by administrators are now automatically
 inserted into groups according to the group's regular
 expression.Administrators must edit the user in a second
 step to override these choices.Previously the
 administrator specified these explicitly which could lead
 to incorrect settings.
 (bug 45164)
 - The userregexp of system groups can now be edited without
 resorting to direct database access.
 (bug 65290)

 *** Outstanding issues of note ***
 - Bug counts (on reports.cgi) can be very slow if you have to
 count a lot of bugs.In this case the connection can time
 out before thepage finishes loading. Extending the cgi
 timeout on your web server might help this situation.
 (bug 63249)
 - Renaming or removing keywords will not update the "keyword
 cache", and queries on keywords may not work properly, until
 you rebuild the cache on the sanity check page
 (sanitycheck.cgi).The changer will receive a warning to do
 this when altering the keyword.
 (bug 69621)
 - Email notifications will not work out of the box if you are
 using Postfix, Exim or possibly other non-SendMail mail
 transfer agents, as Bugzilla sends mail by default in
 "deferred" mode using the "-ODeliveryMode=deferred" command
 line option, which needs to be supported by the sendmail
 program.To fix this, you can turn on the "sendmailnow"
 parameter on the Edit Parameters page (editparams.cgi).
 (bug 50159)
 - The new options to let people see a bug when their name
 is on it but who aren't in the groups the bug is restricted
 to only allow people to view bugs if they know the bug number.
 It still will not show up in these people's buglists and
 they will not receive email about changes to the bugs.
 (bugs 95024, 97469)
 These release notes may be of use to those upgrading from a release earlier 
 than 2.12. 
 - There is now a facility for users to choose the sort of
 notifications they wish to receive.This facility will
 probably be improved in future versions.
 (bug 17464)
 - "Changed" will no longer appear on the subject line of
 change notification emails.Because of this, you should
 change the subject line in your 'changedmail' and
 'newchangedmail' params on editparams.cgi. The subject
 line needs to be changed from
 Subject: [Bug %bugid%] %neworchanged% - %summary%
 Subject: [Bug %bugid%] %neworchanged%%summary%
 or whatever is appropriate for the subject you are using
 on your system. Note the removal of the " - " in the
 (bug 29820)
 - Some security holes have been fixed where shell escape characters
 could be passed to Bugzilla, allowing remote users to execute
 system commands on the web server.
 *** Other changes of note ***
 - Bug titles now appear in the page title, and will hence
 display in the user's browser's bookmarks and history.
 (bug 22041)
 - Edit groups functionality (editgroups.cgi).
 (bug 25010)
 - Support for moving bugs to other Bugzilla databases.
 (bug 36133)
 - Bugzilla now can generate a frequently reported bugs list
 based on what duplicates you receive.
 (bug 25693)
 - When installing Bugzilla fresh, the administrator account is
 now created in checksetup.pl.
 (bug 17773)
 - Stored queries now show their name above the bug list, which
 helps the user when they have multiple bug lists in multiple
 browser windows.It also appears in the page title, and will
 hence display in the user's browser's bookmarks and history.
 (bug 52228)
 - All states and resolutions can now be collected for charting.
 (bug 6682)
 - A new search-engine-like "quick search" feature appears on
 the front page to try and making searching easier.
 (bug 69793)
 - Querying on dependencies now works in the advanced query
 section of the query page.
 (bug 30823)
 - When a bug is marked as a duplicate, the reporter of the
 resolved bug is automatically added to the CC list of the
 open bug.
 (bug 28676)
 *** Bug fixes of note ***
 - Notification emails will now always be sent to QA contacts.
 Previously they wouldn't if you were using new email tech.
 (bug 30826)
 - When marking a bug as a duplicate, the duplicate stamp marked
 on the open bug will no longer be written too early (such as
 on mid-air collisions).
 (bug 7873)
 - Various bug fixes were made to the initial assignee and QA
 of a component.It is no longer possible to enter an
 invalid address.They will also now properly update when
 a user's email address is changed.Sanity check will now
 check these.
 (bug 66876)
 - Administrators can no longer create an email accounts that do
 not match the global email regular expression parameter.
 Previously this could occur and would cause sanity check
 (bug 32971)
 - The resolution field can no longer become empty when the
 bug is resolved.This occurred because of midair collisions.
 (bug 49306)
 Release notes were not compiled for versions of Bugzilla before