2.14.4, 2.16.1 (upgraded from 2.10 or earlier) Security Advisory

Tuesday, Nov 26th, 2002

2.14.4, 2.16.1 (upgraded from 2.10 or earlier) Security Advisory

November 26th, 2002
Severity: Minor


The Bugzilla team recently discovered a cross-site scripting vulnerability.
The vulnerability, present in Bugzilla's 'quips' feature, affects all
installations who originally installed Bugzilla 2.10 or earlier and which
have been upgraded from there.

If you originally installed version 2.12 (released 2001 Apr 27) or later,
or you have never had quips enabled, then you are not vulnerable to this

Vulnerability Details

This vulnerability affects installations using the "quips" feature to put
short, user-submitted phrases at the top of bug lists.

2.10 and earlier versions allowed users to enter unchecked input which was
displayed as-entered back to the user.  Version 2.12 and later attempted to
fix this problem by preventing users from entering HTML in new quips, and
also escaping existing quips when displaying them to users in the bug list.

However, the output of existing quips from "show all quips" choice on the
quips management page was not properly escaped, so any *existing* quips
still in the database from before the input checks were put in place would
be displayed to a user with unescaped HTML if they chose to view a list of
all of the existing quips at once.

If you originally installed a version older than 2.12, had quips enabled,
and have not cleaned up your quips database since you upgraded to 2.12,
your installation may contain scripting attacks in your quips file from
ages ago, still able to affect end users.

Vulnerability Solutions

The best way to fix this vulnerability is to audit the contents of your
quips file.

Quips are stored in the file 'data/comments' in Bugzilla 2.14.x and 2.16.x,
and in the database, in a 'quips' table, in 2.17.x).

In addition to auditing quips, Bugzilla administrators can also force quips
to be properly encoded to prevent HTML attacks by applying one of the following
one-line patches.

The Bugzilla team recommends both auditing your quips and applying the patches.

Because of the low severity of this vulnerability, the small size of the
required changes to fix it, and the small number of installations believed in
existence at the point in time when this was corrected for new installations,
we have not released any updated versions of Bugzilla, however, these fixes
have been checked into the associated branches (so if you update via CVS you'll
get them) and will be included in any future versions we release.

Please note that Bugzilla 2.14.x will no longer be supported after December 31,
2002, so Bugzilla 2.14.x sites are encouraged to upgrade to 2.16.1.

Patch for Bugzilla 2.14.4:

Index: quips.cgi
RCS file: /cvsroot/mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/quips.cgi,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 quips.cgi
--- quips.cgi   29 May 2001 04:01:48 -0000      1.1
+++ quips.cgi   22 Nov 2002 21:04:08 -0000
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@

     if (open (COMMENTS, "<data/comments")) {
         while (<COMMENTS>) {
-            print $_,"<br>\n";
+            print html_quote($_),"<br>\n";
         close COMMENTS;

Patch for Bugzilla 2.16.1:

Index: template/en/default/list/quips.html.tmpl
RCS file:
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.4.2.1 quips.html.tmpl
--- template/en/default/list/quips.html.tmpl    23 May 2002 08:14:23 -0000
+++ template/en/default/list/quips.html.tmpl    22 Nov 2002 21:19:22 -0000
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
     [% FOREACH quip = quips %]
-      <li>[% quip %]</li>
+      <li>[% quip FILTER html %]</li>
     [% END %]
 [% ELSE %]

For Bugzilla 2.17 from CVS:

Run a 'cvs update' to pick up the fix.

Bugzilla 2.17.1 already contains this fix.

For More Information

References:  Bugzilla bug 179329

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