3.2.1, 3.0.7, and 3.3.2 Security Advisory

Feb 3, 2009

Bugzilla is a Web-based bug-tracking system, used by a large number of
software projects.

Bugzilla 3.2.1, 3.0.7, and 3.3.2, when running under mod_perl,
generated insufficiently random numbers, resulting in all random
tokens being the same, all CSRF protection being defeated, and the
new attachment_base functionality being compromised. Only these
releases were affected--earlier releases are not affected.

All affected installations are encouraged to upgrade as soon as 

Vulnerability Details

Class:       Insufficiently Random Numbers
Versions:    3.2.1, 3.0.7, and 3.3.2
Fixed In:    3.2.2, 3.0.8, 3.3.3
Description: Bugzilla was calling srand() at compile time. Under
             mod_perl, this led to all Apache children having the same
             random seed, meaning that they all generated identical
             "random" strings instead of actually random strings.

             This means that all tokens were highly predictable, all
             CSRF protection was easily circumvented, and any
             installation using the new attachment_base functionality
             could possibly have any private attachment viewed without
             the user even logging in.

             Versions before 3.2.1, 3.0.7, and 3.3.2 were not
             affected. Installations that are not using mod_perl
             for Bugzilla are not affected.

References:  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=476594

Vulnerability Solutions

The fix for this issue in is included in the 3.3.3, 3.2.2, and 3.0.8
releases. Upgrading to a release with the relevant fix will protect
your installation from possible exploits of this issue.

Full release downloads, patches to upgrade Bugzilla from previous
versions, and CVS upgrade instructions are available at:



The Bugzilla team wish to thank the following people/organizations for
their assistance in locating, advising us of, and assisting us to fix
these issues:

Philippe M. Chiasson
Dave Miller
Max Kanat-Alexander

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