Consulting Resources

Bugzilla is made available free of charge, without warranty. Support provided for free by Bugzilla team members via email or newsgroups also comes without warranty. If you need higher-level support, the following contractors and businesses (some of whom may be members of the Bugzilla team) may be able to help you.

Bugzilla consultants could help you save time installing and administering your Bugzilla system. They could also let you know the best way to make changes to your installation.

This page lists contractors and businesses who have declared themselves available for Bugzilla consulting work. There is no screening process as a prerequisite to being on this list, and as such, no guarantee is supplied as to the quality of their work. If you wish to hire them, you will need to assess this for yourself. Listings are in random order and will display in a different order every time the page is loaded in order to be fair to everyone. Companies or individuals who are current contributors to the Bugzilla Project are sorted to the top of the list and have (contributor) next to their name.

All information (including comments) appears as given by the person requesting the listing (excepting editorial changes to make it fit the format of this web page).

If you wish to be added to this list, or if you discover someone on this list who is no longer in business or no longer offering Bugzilla support, please email [email protected] with the relevant information.