05. January 2002

Bugzilla 2.14.1 Released!

by Bugzilla Team

Bugzilla 2.14.1 is now available for download. For details of upgrade options and download locations see the downloads page.

If you already have a version of Bugzilla 2.15 that was checked out of CVS, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION, but use cvs update to pull in these fixes. Bugzilla 2.14.1 does not contain most of the code currently in CVS, but is only patches that have been back-ported to the 2.14 code base in order to seal security holes that were too important to wait until we finish 2.16. If you have version 2.15 from CVS and have have updated later than January 3, 2002, you already have all of these security fixes.

View the release notes and the security advisory.

For changes between 2.14 and 2.14.1, view the Bugzilla changelog.