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18. October 2001

Website Redesigned

by Bugzilla Team

In an effort to provide better communication about just what’s going on, and to make Bugzilla more accessible, we’ve redesigned the Bugzilla project pages to try to make the information more useful and help people find things.

One of the major new features of the site is the Status Updates section, which contains a (pretty lengthly) discussion of everything that’s gone into Bugzilla so far since version 2.14 was released. This will be a regularly updated column with a new update every week or two (so they won’t all be as lengthly as the first one).

Like our new logo in the header above? I don’t, but I’m a crappy artist, and we have yet to have anything else submitted. If you have an idea for our logo, please visit bug 100095.

29. August 2001

Bugzilla 2.14 Released!

by Bugzilla Team

The Bugzilla team has been hard at work to bring you Bugzilla 2.14 which offeres many new improvements, including upgrades to the security group system, the death of oldemailtech, and the addition of a “X-Bugzilla-Reason” in the headers of bug mail which users can use to filter bug mail into folders depending on if they are the assignee, cc, qa contact, etc…

View the release notes and the security advisory.

For changes between 2.12 and 2.14, view the Bugzilla changelog.

18. July 2001

New Bugzilla Project Leader

by Bugzilla Team

Reality has hit hard for Tara Hernandez, as she was recently promoted to director of her area at Blue Martini Software, and has suddenly found herself with very little time to spare for the Bugzilla project. Facing this reality, she was forced to step down as the project leader for Bugzilla and handed off the reigns to Dave Miller. Tara is not leaving the Bugzilla project, and will continue to contribute when she has time, as well as administering the bugzilla test server at An announcement was recently posted to netscape.public.mozilla.webtools. This is not expected to impact the v2.14 release, which is still slated within the next few weeks.

27. April 2001

Bugzilla 2.12 Released!

by Bugzilla Team

At long last, after almost a year of work, Bugzilla 2.12 is finally out! Many thanks to all the people who contributed to making this one of the biggest leaps in recent history for Bugzilla development.

View the release notes and the security advisory.

For the changes since 2.10 was released, view the Bugzilla changelog.